All About Me

Jesse Mays

Basic Information

Name: Jesse Dawn Mays

Age: 15

Birthday: January 11th


I am very family oriented. There is nothing that I enjoy more than spending a night at home with my family. I live with both of my parents, Joshua and Dawn, and I have a younger sister, Jaylah, who is twelve years old. Everyday after school, I go to my grandmas and I watch my two cousins Hayden (10) and Mayson (8). I really enjoy spending time with my family.
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My hobbies include; reading, riding horses, hanging out with friends, and running.
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There are several things that I am really scared of!

1) Mice

2) Birds

3) Rabbits

4) Chickens

5) Snakes

* I am actually afraid of most things that are smaller than me, or can run faster than me!

What I Hope To Accomplish

I hope to graduate from Scottsburg High School with an honors diploma. I want to be a lawyer when I "grow up". I would like to get my law degree from Cornell.

I Also Collect Old Stuff!


I am interested in:

1) Law

2) Technology

3) Reading

4) Music

5) Animals

6) Structure

7) Current Events

8) World History

9) Cultures

10) Travel



I am an avid reader! I love reading, and make a habit of reading for an hour each day. I love any fiction or realistic fiction. However, I will read anything.


Food: Anything Japanese or Italian

Color: Purple

Subject: English

Book: I love to many :)

Number: 33

Restaurant: Sakka Bleu

Movie: Currently, The Interview

Actor: Channing Tatum

Actress: Rachel McAdams

Place: My house

Sport: Track