HGHS Instructional Update

February 3, 2016

February 9 (Tuesday) Student Goal-Setting

Students will receive their Progress Reports next Tuesday, February 9, so that's the day we will be updating their Goal-Setting Folders.

Please check now to insure that you have a folder for each of your 4th period students. Also, if you would like a "refresher" on how to best use the folders with your students, let me know!

February 9 (Tuesday) Test Preparation for Teachers

We will use our Community Learning time next week to complete testing security training with Ms. Creech and to prepare for Feb. 11's WorkKeys and mock ACT tests.

Each one of us is required to complete the training. Below is the schedule.

Tuesday, February 9.

7:20--8:00 In-season coaches

9:05-9:45 1st period planning

10:30-11:10 2nd period planning

12:20-1:00 3rd period planning

2:20-3:00 5th period planning (all other coaches +)

If you have questions or concerns, let me know!

WorkKeys Results Summary for HGHS Early Graduates--What does it mean for our other Seniors?

Our early graduates took the WorkKeys assessment in December.

  • 17 students took the assessment.

  • 9 students earned the Silver National Readiness Certificate, which is a College & Career Ready benchmark.
  • 7 of those 9 students had already CCR benchmarked with their ACT scores.
  • The other 2 students were able to CCR benchmark because of their WorkKeys achievement.

  • 8 students did not earn benchmarking scores (5 earned the Bronze Certificate; 3 earned no certificate)
  • 2 of the students who did not benchmark on WorkKeys had previously CCR benchmarked with their ACT scores.
  • The other 6 students graduated without a benchmarking credential.

What can this mean for our other Seniors?

  • Students who have already benchmarked with their ACT scores need to be reminded that their WorkKeys score is also part of their high school resume. Students who exceed ACT benchmarks should also exceed on the WorkKeys assessment (strive for the Gold and Platinum distinction).
  • Students who do not benchmark with their ACT scores may need additional attention in order to graduate with another benchmarking credential.
  • What can you do and say to your students to make a difference in this area?

February 11 (Thursday) WorkKeys and Mock ACT

While our Seniors are taking the WorkKeys assessment, students in grades 9-11 will be completing a mock ACT assessment.

To insure that all students put their best effort into the testing, each member of the faculty should explain the value of the test to their students.

  • The WorkKeys assessment becomes part of a Senior's resume and indicates what percentage of jobs that student has the foundational skills to hold. It is a tool that can be used by employers and colleges and is one of the avenues to becoming a College and Career Ready graduate.
  • The Juniors' mock ACT assessments will be graded and results given to their current teachers so that we might better prepare them for the statewide assessment in April.
  • The Sophomores' and Freshmen's assessments will be scored and results given to their teachers at the start of 2016-2017.
  • Although the mock ACT is not an official test governed by all of the usual ACT guidelines, faculty and staff members who treat the process with respect can have a positive effect on the students they are supervising.
  • Every member of the faculty and staff will be involved in the testing in some capacity.

Results of our DOK Task Analysis

Week of January 19-22

(471 tasks analyzed and sorted)

Instructional Rounds Results

Our visiting Instructional Rounds team served us well as they collected data, discussed patterns, and suggested topics for our guiding questions. Here are the Guiding Questions we have as a result:

  1. What student tasks can teachers create that build students' ownership in their academic achievement?
  2. What student tasks can teachers create that require students reach deeper levels of knowledge?
(What kind of instruction and/or guidance do students require to complete these tasks that build ownership and require deeper levels of knowledge?)

HGHS Math Department Learning at UAH

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