!!!!!!Cowhand Wanted!!!!!!

Thirty dollars a month when you first start, More later

Must need to know: How to ride a horse, rope a cow, take care of yourself in the wilderness, and handle a gun.

Duties: Over see the cattle herd, drive them, defend them from predators and rustlers, brand the cattle, and take care of jobs around the ranch.

Challenges: You will face harsh weather stampedes. You have to keep the whole herd in line and making sure they have grass and water.

Benefits: The positives and benefits of doing this job is you get to be out in the open country and away from people and get decent money to ride and and take care of cattle.

Location of Job: Near Red River Texas taking care of the cattle on the open range most of the year until it come's time for a long cattle drive to take them on the Chisholm trail to market Kansas City, Kansas.

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