Protection From The Elements

Shelter Yourself


protecting yourself from weather and animals is a key aspect for your survival in the wild. A shelter can keep you warm with its enclosure from the wild or cool while lying in its shade in the desert. Most shelters are not complex to build and should not take to long to fabricate out of natural resources, and with a good and sturdy shelter you can maximize your ability to live and maybe even thrive in the wilderness.

Which Shelter Should I Make?

There are many variants of shelters one can make in nature. Some as simple as one wall tilted away from the Sun, others can be built into the ground like WWI trenches. Whichever you choose odds are that it will save your life, or increase your odds of survival tenfold. One way of choosing a shelter can be determined by how long you plan on staying in that area.

Just the Basics

Here are instructions on how to build a very simple but very effective shelter.

Step (1) find 2 trees that give you enough room in between to lie down (2) place a strong branch at the right height on those trees so that the branch is level (3) lay shorter branches at an angle across the first branch so as to make a wall (4) place another layer of branches over the first for extra protection. This type of shelter is good if you are looking for a quick shelter for the night or day, but it is not a long term shelter.

For the Long Term

If you happen to find yourself lost or without a chance of rescue for a long period of time, the following shelter should suffice quite well.

Making a Long Term shelter

1) Find a large rock or stump

2) Lay a branch at an angle over the rock or stump

3) Rest shorter branches and sticks against the larger branch

4) Place leaves, branches, and anything else that could help insulate the shelter over the shorter branches and sticks

That is all there is to making a long term shelter.

Hope it Helps

You are now armed with these tips for survival, use them well!