One For The Murphys

By: Anna White

One For The Murphys

Written by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Published by: Published by Puffin Books:

May 16, 2013

ISBN: 978-0142426524

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grades: 5 & up


- Virginia Book of the Year

- Nerdy Book Award Winner, 2012



Carley was abused by her mother and stepfather. She loved her mother so much and didn't understand what had gotten into her mother. All Carley knew was that her mother was put in the hospital and she was going into foster care. Carley is put to live with The Murphy's. They have 3 sons that Carley feels uncomfortable around until she gets to know them. She becomes very close with the whole family and enjoys living with them. Then Carley gets a call from Mrs. MacAvoy. She is the woman who transport her from different foster cares. Mrs. MacAvoy calls to tell Carley that her mother would like to come live with her again. Carley has to make a life changing decision between staying with the family she loves dearly or go back to live with her mother.

One For The Murphys is a very good book with a great moral. It really makes the reader greatful for what they have. Carley is going through tough times but she refuses to cry because she has become much stronger over the years. The reader realizes that their life is no where near as harmful as Carley's where she was abused by someone she loved so much.

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