Wintegrated Experiences

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Participant will have to work with youth (age 13-19) in middle and high schools, in and outside of Warsaw – from Monday to Friday, 30h/week.
If needed, intern should prepare extra activities for students for example games, competitions, sport activities. That can be included at the end of the week if the school requests.

The topics of workshops are: culture, world issues, entrepreneurship, economy, religion, history, geography, places worth seeing, stereotypes, social problems, tolerance, education system, art.

Trainee should provide knowledge through interactive classes. The schedule of workshops will be provided. Intern is obligated to fill out at least three surveys during the project.

Every participant is obliged to create weekly plan of classes(workshops, games) for children and send to leader of the project one week before starting date.

5-6.12-Induction Seminar-> Compulsory
7.12-18.12.15- work in kindergartens
18.12-03.01- FREE WEEKS TO TRAVEL :)
4.01-31.01.16- work in kindergartens

EP Fee in amount of 30 € needs to be paid by intern during the first weekend of the stay.
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Akshat Bagrecha - 7767077451