Bloomington High School Newsletter

March 2019

Timothy Moore, Principal

Dr. Barry Reilly, Superintendent

District 87 School Board:

James Almeda-President

Brigette Beasley

Elizabeth Fox Anvick

Tammy Houtzel

Charles Irwin

Mark Wylie

Mary Yount

Message from Principal Moore

Despite the current cold weather we've been experiencing, Spring Break is right around the corner. I, like many of you are probably ready for a break in the tough winter conditions we've experienced over the last couple of months. Let's hope that by time Spring Break arrives, the weather will begin to trend towards warmer conditions. Speaking of Spring Break, March 22nd marks the last day of school before Spring Break. School will start at our normal time, 7:30 a.m., with all students being dismissed at 11:00 a.m. Busses will transport students to and from school as usual, and we will serve breakfast as well. There will be NO lunch served on the 22nd. School will resume on Monday, April 1st. Once we return from Spring Break, time will fly and end of the 2018-19 school year will be here before we know it.

Our Advisory periods are going very well so far. If you recall, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each student is assigned to a Advisory teacher, whom they meet with for 23 minutes. Our staff has been impressed with how engaged our students have been during the Advisory. We see the Advisory period as an awesome opportunity to build relationships with and connect with our students. We truly believe that forming close bonds with our students will have a long-term impact on BHS. I encourage you to ask your student about their Advisory period and how it's going.

Did you know that studies show that teens spend an average of 9 hours a day online, with much of the time spent scrolling through social media or playing video games? Experts urge parents to help teens limit excessive recreational screen time by:

1. Encourage your teen to spend one week writing down the amount of time he/she spends each day on recreational screen time. Then challenge them to reduce that time the next week.

2. Establish no-tech zones and times. For example, the dinner table should be a place where everyone leaves their screen devices behind.

3. Create a tech curfew. Your teen should have at least 30 minutes of "unplugged" time to wind down before he/she goes to sleep.

4. Don't use tech time as a reward or punishment. This will make it seem even more important to your teen.

Source: J. Anderson, "Even teens are worried they spend too much time on their phones."

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Go Raiders!

Mr. Moore

District 87 offers a 1:1 initiative in all schools, loaning laptops to junior high and high school students to take home. This allows our students to experience competitive learning in the digital age.

Your student is responsible for returning their laptop to the school at the end of the year or if your family moves out of the district. This is important to keep down cost and ensure that another student will access to this competitive learning advantage. Your assistance in returning these devices on time is appreciated.

Add Mr. Moore on Social Media

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(Mr. Moore will not follow students.)

BHS Speech Team

Congratulations to the BHS Speech Team’s fourth consecutive showing at the IHSA State Competition. Luke Edwards brought home a 3rd Place finish in Impromptu Speaking.

BHS French Foreign Language Classes

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler ! The French classes at BHS and BJHS celebrated Mardi Gras, March 5th with culture days. The level 1 students have been focusing on a unit of study of “Celebrations and Similarities”- comparing holidays and festivals in the Francophone world to their own background and experiences.

BACC Technical Honor Society

The BACC inducted 51 students to the Technical Honor Society on Feb. 19th. We are honored that 10 of those students were BHS students. These student are recognized for their outstanding performance in career and technical education. Congratulations!

Riley Bansch

Makayla Elshoff

Gabriell (Bree) O’Neal

Grace Marcy

McKenna Groth

Alexis Packard

Andrea Alvarez

Kelsie Ayers

Mabely Navarro

Piper Seglem

BHS Tech Coach

I just returned from the ICE ( Illinois Computing Educators) conference in Schaumburg. It is such an exciting time to be in education. Students have access to so much knowledge thanks to technology at our fingertips. In our library, we have access to VR goggles; our kids can travel to thousands of places virtually and see the world like never before. Students can create their own videos, posters, and digital magazines. Students have the opportunity to print in 3-D, create, and innovate. We have educators using Spheros, which are robots that can be coded and directed to perform certain tasks. One of the aspects of my job is to help students and teachers access this technology. We are continuing to grow in our use of technology. It takes time to become comfortable with all the options that are available. However, as we continue to move forward, I encourage you to ask your child how they are using technology in their classrooms. Have them show you some of the really interesting things they are doing. They should have much to share.

College Visits

College Visitations: Normally these visits should be confined to times when school is not in session, such as teacher institutes, spring vacations, etc. All college visits that require a student to miss a day of school, must be pre-approved by BHS Administration prior to the visit. If the college is located out of state, approval will be given for travel (one day preceding and one day following the visitation). For each visitation day thus granted, the student must present to the Attendance office written verification of the visit from the school visited. If a local college visitation is taken during a school day and is over before the end of the high school day, the students shall be expected to return to school. Failure to present written verification of the college visit or not returning to school when it applies will result in the absence being judged unapproved. (BHS Student-Parent Handbook 2018-19, p. 36).

PSAT and SAT Information

PSAT 9, PSAT 10, and SAT at BHS

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

This year, the Illinois State Board of Education requires all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students to take the PSAT 9, PSAT 10, and SAT, respectively. The SAT with 11th grade students is a graduation requirement.

At BHS, we will begin testing at 7:30 a.m. and end the day at 1:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Students will be dismissed at 1:00 pm to the bus, to walk, or to ride by car to homes after all testing is completed.

Students in 12th grade should NOT attend school on April 9th UNLESS they still need to take the SAT to fulfill the graduation requirement. These students have been notified often and it is on their schedules as “Need SAT”.

Please contact your advisor if you have questions. Thanks!

Dual Credit in 2019-20

Attention BHS Sophomores and Juniors: If you are interested in taking a dual credit class at BHS with Heartland Community College (HCC) in 2019-20, you must apply and take the placement test this year.

Dual credit classes are listed in the 2019-20 BHS Course Guide on page 7, along with cost savings information. All dual credit classes at BHS are FREE to ALL students.

Click here for the BHS Course Guide:

Deadline for BHS students to apply to HCC: Friday, January 18, 2019

Deadline for BHS students to take the placement test: Friday, February 15, 2019

Please go to or use the link provided to apply and find out about dates for placement testing:

Questions? Please call your advisor at 309-828-5201 x5117 or email her.

Last Name Advisor Advisor Email

A-F Mrs. Common

G-Me Mrs. Elver

Mi-Pa Mrs. Michels

Pe-Z Mrs. Crowder

Seniors Mrs. Gardner

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Illinois State Scholars 2019

Bloomington High School
Adebayo, Damilola
Adelman, Cassandra
Ayers, Kelsie
Backman, Michael
Bauer, Anna
Calahan, David
Cogswell, Colton
Dahmm, Lucas
Edwards, Lucas
Gowda, Prathik
Hanna, Alexa
Ionescu, Matei
Johnson, Claire
Jones, Mackenzie
Jumonville, Aubrey
Kohlenberg, Maiya
Lawrence, Maria
Lovell, Carys
Medlock, Aidan
Novotny, Madeline
Owens, Jonelle
Packard, Alexis
Pochel, Collin
Pounds, Noah
Riesenberg, Kelsey
Rink, Macy
Sanders, Grace
Schmidt, Josephine
Seglem, Piper
Self, Jacob
Sherfey, Lucas
Skillrud, Linnea
Straub, Katharine
Thakur, Aditya
Ward Shaw, Fiona
Wieland, Faith
Yount, Letitia
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Formal Wear available for BHS Students

Churchill's Formal Wear donated a large amount of tuxedos, shirts, vests, ties and shoes to BHS. If your BHS student has a need for a tuxedo have them come to see Mrs. Pearl in the main office. See below a video that shows what is available.

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If you would like to be a part of our shout out list to help meet student needs, you can find that link to join on the BHS website under the guidance office’s Promise Council links.

BHS Advisory

The Advisory Pilot program is off to a wonderful start! We meet twice a week for 23 minutes (not nearly long enough). One day is used to help students check grades and make sure all assignments are turned in or help students advocate for themselves and properly ask for help / assistance from teachers. The second day we tackle social and emotional issues. The overall goal of the program is to academically help students stay on track for graduation, improve overall grades, and improve test scores (SAT/ACT). The other goal is for students to build a relationship and partner with an adult at BHS that they can go to for pretty much anything. Research shows that students who feel connected at school have better academic success as well as social and emotional growth.

The format is set up that students will start with an Advisory teacher their freshman year and stay with that teacher all four years at BHS. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to build relationships with student based solely on helping them be successful in all areas. There is no grade attached so that pressure is removed. It’s almost like being a “coach.”

Right now the pilot program is in its infancy stages. We have plans to start at the beginning of the school year next year with two days a week again, but hopefully, long-term plans will include more days. We are trying to balance this program without losing too much instructional time in other classes. We will also differentiate next year based on grade level. Freshmen have different needs than seniors. Some of our plans include college / career exploration at the sophomore level to help students choose courses their junior and senior years to enhance that process. More intense college / career preparation at the junior level to help with SAT / ACT scores or actual career paths versus a “job.” Then at the senior level a practical guide to life after high school, whether it be college or career.


2020 Census

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BHS Cafe

BHS Café would like to remind parents that ALL students whether FREE, REDUCED, or PAID status receive a meal for breakfast and lunch! Please encourage your student to take advantage of our meal participation program. Breakfast is from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. daily. Thank you!

Attendance Line

The BHS direct attendance line is (309) 828-1231. If you need to report your student absent from school, get them out of school early for an appointment, or if they are coming late, please contact the above number.
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