W.Va Young Writers Contest

Made by: Eric Jackson and Tiffany Bradley

The day it needs to be turned in: January 20th, 2016.

It needs to be turned in to any of the English teachers in our school before this date. You have to work in a teachers room in order for the story to be eligible. The story you are going to write can only be in a genre of the following: Original fiction, nonfiction, narratives, memoirs, or even an essay.

Winners will be assiigned

Winners will be notified in April but the public will not know until May 13th 2016.

The awards are as follows: First place 100$, Second place 50$, and Fourth place 25$.

Although Grades 9-10 can not go over 1,000 words 11-12 can not go over 1,200.

This code will take you directly to the website were you can click all the links available giving you all that you need to know in the palm of your hand.

Everyone can accept this challenge only few will win it are you in?

Have you ever stepped down because of fear of competition?

Well you can never change your past but you can your future. Step up today and except this challenge I dare you in fact I double dare you to accept. You'll be facing me as well as I am competing in this competition.