IT Service Consulting for China

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Elizabeth Coral

Elizabeth is a system engineer graduated from Universidad de Lima in Peru certified as a PMP (Project Manager Professional) with experience in IT Project Management as consultant. Currently Elizabeth is living in Tianjin, China attending a Global MBA focused in global emerging markets.

China is from far more that only one of the biggest economies in the world or more than the most populated country with a population of 1 375 796 890; that represents almost the third part of the world population, China is a country with an alive millenary culture, this is what makes it such an interesting country for foreigns. Chinese people live with their face in the future; this is reflected in the modern cities with the best technologies related to transportation, communication; but their heart in their culture that is the support of their lives. It is unbelievable and amazing to see how this people can still keep alive their ancient customs.

With all these characteristics and the number of population, Chinese market becomes very attractive to invest, however it is important first to understand the source of the passion that Chinese people feel for their country and their culture in order to achieve success. Any product that wants to be introduced in this market will need to feed the necessity of winning face that chinese people have without leaving behind the tradition, for these reason it is necessary to work very hard in giving a chinese face to our brand.

Chinese market is huge, but sector related to service customer are still in development these is where consultant companies that offer Service of Process Consulting find a big opportunity to enter in this market, there are several big companies where the customer services processes are still inefficient and that makes companies lost a lot of money or doesn’t allow them to establish a good relationship of business with their customer.

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As mentioned before, the opportunity is there the only thing consultant companies should do is to evaluate and understand the chinese market and prepare a proposal service according to the necessity and respect their cultural beliefs that is the base of their lives.