April 29, 2022 - A Special Edition of "Let's Talk Tuesdays"

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The Technology Student Association (TSA) was started by industrial arts teachers who wanted to provide opportunities for their students to be recognized for their accomplishments and was originally the American Industrial Arts Student Association (AIASA).

The organization was officially sponsored by the American Industrial Arts Association for a number of years, became an independent nonprofit corporation in 1978, and in 1988 the name was changed to the Technology Student Association to more accurately reflect that which students are now being taught; the technologies of our time. Members have the opportunity to compare their technology competencies with other students through local, regional, state, and national competitions.


BASD currently has four TSA teams:

Middle School East TSA - Todd Kennedy, Advisor
Middle School West TSA - Kevin Reigner, Advisor
Freshman Academy TSA - Andrew Schopf, Advisor
Senior High TSA - Josh Pennington, Advisor

All four teams consistently shine an incredible spotlight on our district and our technology offerings for students. This year was no exception! Each group participated in this year's state competitions!

Congratulations to all of our TSA team members on another outstanding year! #BEARProud

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Middle School East TSA

Written by Todd Kennedy, Advisor

This past week thirteen Boyertown Middle School East Technology Student Association (TSA) students competed virtually at the 2022 PA TSA State Conference. It is important to note that all thirteen participants placed within the top 10 at least once. That alone is truly an outstanding accomplishment. Below is a listing of our chapter’s results by event. Please join me in congratulating our Boyertown Middle School East students on a job well done!

Career Prep

Diego Peredo – 10th Place

Leadership Strategies

Zoe George, Bridget Hartman, Emma Klass – 1st Place

Samantha Hemingway, Ian King, Faith Zadroga – 10th Place

STEM Animation

Ayden Driscoll, Declan Larrimore, Nolan Smith, Brayden Tinney – 3rd Place

Technical Design

Diego Peredo, Brayden Tinney – 3rd Place

Zoe George, Emiliano Hornak – 6th Place

Video Game Design

Ayden Driscoll, Declan Larrimore, Nolan Smith, Brayden Tinney – 7th Place

PA – Safety Illustration

Isabelle Keefe – 10th Place

Thank you for your continued support of an outstanding student organization. While this year presented many challenges in our planning, the students persevered and achieved much success. Again, thank you very much.

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Middle School West TSA

Written by Kevin Reigner, Advisor

Congratulations to the following Boyertown West TSA students for placing in the top 10 in their event at the 2022 PATSA State Conference.

These students put in many hours to compete with some of the best students across Pennsylvania.

Alexandra Donovan and Skylar Johnson - 5th place in STEM Animation

Gavin Kinsey, Brayden Panunzio, and Diego Ramos-Belton - 8th place in Video Game Design

Gavin Kinsey, Brayden Panunzio, and Diego Ramos-Belton - 4th place in Website Design

Thank you to all students who participated in TSA this year! We look forward to the 2022-2023 season.

Thank you to Mrs. Landis, Mr. Schmaldienst, Mr. Tom Droege of Ridge Support Technologies, Boyertown West faculty and staff, Mrs. Torchia, Mr. Stoudt, and the BASD Central Administration for their support.

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MSW's 1st picture is this year’s chapter before the regional competition – nervous!

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Madison Martin is a Boyertown West alumni and 21-22 PATSA state president. She is the 4th person from our chapter to serve on a state officer team and the 2nd to do two terms as an officer!

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Students waiting for the Problem-Solving competition to begin.

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This 4th picture is this year’s chapter with the awards they earned at the regional conference – very happy and relaxed!!

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Freshman Academy TSA

Written by Andrew Schopf, Advisor

This past week from 4/20-4/23, twelve Boyertown Freshman Academy Technology Student Association (TSA) students, who qualified at the TSA Region 9 Competition, traveled to Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, PA, to compete at the 44th annual Pennsylvania TSA State Competition. They competed against more than 1,400 other students from chapters all across the state.

Thanks to their dedication and hard work during countless after-school open labs and late nights, I am pleased to report that every single student placed within the top 10 in the event(s) in which they competed. We also had a student, Milly Liang, place first in the state for the PA logo design event, which means her winning design will be next year’s conference logo, a substantial honor.

Below is a listing of our chapter’s results by event. Please join me in congratulating our Freshman TSA students on a job well done and thanking all of the volunteers, staff, and custodians who helped us achieve such success!

PA – Logo Design
1st Place – Milly Liang

2nd Place – Grace Gibbins

PA- Electronic Research and Experimentation
2nd Place – Brayden Pope, Brodie Peifer, and Robbie Ramsey

CAD Engineering
7th Place – Brodie Peifer

Data Science and Analytics

10th Place – Grace Gibbins and Evelyn Howald

Fashion Design and Technology
10th Place – Milly Liang, McKenna Smith, Ava Carmichael, and Summer Bellino

Prepared Presentation
9th Place – Lula Mekonnen

Promotional Design
5th Place – Grace Gibbins

System Control Technology

6th Place – Robbie Ramsey, Joseph Trout, and Bailey Logan

Congratulations again to all of our participants. It is quite an accomplishment for any freshman to place in the top-10 at such a prestigious event. I am proud of our chapter and the legacy that they have built. I’d also like to thank everyone who has helped this chapter reach its success over the years. We appreciate everything everyone has done for us and cannot thank you enough for your support.

After 15 years of being a volunteer TSA advisor and judge, this is the last year I will be running our chapter. I am more than pleased to be stepping down on such a high note and am very grateful for the experiences and memories I have from the hundreds of Boyertown students who have gained and achieved during their tenure as TSA students. I wish all of our TSA students the best of luck in the future with all their endeavors. Thank you very much.

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Senior High TSA

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Written by Josh Pennington, Advisor

Last week, the Boyertown High School TSA chapter attended the PA TSA 2022 State Conference in Seven Springs, PA. Our high school students represented our district fantastically as they competed in over 30 events against hundreds of schools across the state of Pennsylvania.

Because of their hard work and dedication, 15 students from Boyertown High School have qualified to compete in the PA TSA National Conference in Dallas, TX, from June 24 to July 1st. Please congratulate them, as they worked very hard in their competitions.

BioTechnology Design:

4th Place - Tanisha Johri, Richard Black, Dylan Klass, Sofia Peredo

9th Place - Christian Freimann, Ethan Josuweit, Josh Leshinskie, Josh Mumie, Luke Yambor, Richard DeMenno

Board Game Design:

1st Place - Luke Yambor, Christian Freimann, Ethan Josuweit, Josh Mumie, Richard DeMenno, Phil Angus

3rd Place - Madison Martin, Lyndsay Camp, Sofia Peredo, Tanisha Johri, Caroline Young

CAD 2D Architecture

9th Place - Christopher Haydt

CAD 3D Engineering

6th Place - Jacob Boughter

Chapter Team:

4th Place - Madison Martin, Lucas Famous, Dylan Klass, Tanisha Johri, Richard Black, Caroline Young

Children's Stories

4th Place - Madison Martin, Lyndsay Camp, Tanisha Johri, Caroline Young, Sofia Peredo

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

9th Place - Logan Westlake, Nathan Romanisko


3rd Place - Christian Freimann, Josh Leshinskie, Luke Yambor, Phil Angus, Richard DeMenno, Lucas Famous

Dragster Design

1st Place - Josh Leshinskie

Forensic Science

8th Place - Sophia Carmichael, Conner Stoudt

Geospatial Technology

3rd Place - Ethan Maraldo and Lucas Famous

Prepared Presentation

5th Place - Sofia Peredo

Scientific Visualization

6th Place - Sophia Carmichael, Conner Stoudt, Jacob Boughter, Lucas Famous

Structural Engineering

5th Place - Luke Yambor, Richard DeMenno

System Control

9th Place - Josh Leshinskie, Ethan Maraldo, Richard DeMenno

Video Game Design

6th Place - Ethan Maraldo, Jacob Boughter, Josh Leshinskie, Luke Yambor, Lucas Famous, Phil Angus

9th Place - Luke Soda, Ryan Schatz, Noah Merryman, Jonah Mininger, Christopher Haydt


10th Place - Madison Martin, Ethan Maraldo, Josh Leshinskie, Lucas Famous

PA Robotics

6th Place - Christian Freimann, Luke Yambor, Josh Leshinskie, Josh Mumie

9th Place - Jacob Boughter, Logan Westlake, Nathan Romanisko, Jonah Mininger

PA Safety Illustration

2nd Place - Richard Black

9th Place - Caroline Young

Chapter Team - Written

9th Place - Lucas Famous

Thanks for everyone's time and support and for allowing the kids to leave class in order to compete.

A special thanks to Dr. Foley, Mrs. Torchia, and Brian Quigley for getting us home... after our charter bus canceled our ride home at 6 AM the day we were supposed to leave. We were able to finally secure transportation when Mr. Quigley brought two buses out to get us.


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The Foundation for Boyertown Education and TSA

A newsletter dedicated to BASD's TSA teams would not be complete without a HUGE, REALLY HUGE, thank you to the Foundation for Boyertown Education! FBE has been a remarkably generous supporter of TSA and tech ed within the district for years.

BASD students utilized multiple pieces of FBE-supported equipment for this year's competitions. Thank you for our Professional Color Grade Printer, Laser Engraver, Silk Screen Station, and your ongoing support of our programs! We couldn't do it without you!