Media Literacy

Maura Duque

The True Meaning of Social Media

Media can be anything that has a high influence in society; it can also be any form of communication between people. It can be a newspaper, the news, basically anything on the internet that has the capacity to change a person’s point of view, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, television, email, and many more. These forms of communication are some of many that people use, I guess these people, including myself, can be categorized as “media literates”. These types of media have been able to do a lot of things that have helped and also harmed the communication that people have with each other. Yes, in a way, it has increased the amount of people that have reunited from long years of not speaking to each other, but I believe it has also harmed the beauty of actually talking to someone in person. I think that these have changed our point of view in what communication is really like. It has taken over and it has evolved so much throughout the years that it has become a part of our everyday lives. We have been so accustomed with talking to our friends and family through social media that we don’t realize how badly it has affected our relationship with these people. Even though this is occurring I believe that these new forms of communication have been of great help to mankind because it has been able to connect the whole world together, it has been able to unite countries that had probably never even associated with each other for years. These forms of media have been able to let people around the world realize how many problems there are in certain parts of the world. It has given us the power to unite an entire planet.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Puppy Love Précis

In the commercial “Puppy Love” (2014), made by the company Budweiser, they basically state that true friendships will always be made and will never be broken because they will always find a way to be together, they clearly show the bond between a puppy and a horse. They illustrate how friends will find a way to get together (Puppy and Horse) and that those two becoming friends helped out for the man and the lady to become friends, in the end, yes the puppy was sold to someone else, but the horse and friends ambushed the guy’s car and they were able to reunite by the end of the commercial. Budweiser used this example in order to appeal to people’s sensitive side, it touches and warms someone’s heart to see a puppy’s and a horse’s bond beat everything and anything. The audience that they put this out to can be both men and women (anyone watching the Super bowl) because watching the bond between the horse and the puppy is able to warm anyone’s heart, especially during the Super bowl because everyone becomes more vulnerable while watching the game, so anyone watching would be moved by this completely.

Life is to Suffer

There have been many situations that have happened in my life that have made me realize how important it is to suffer. Yes, I understand it must sound depressing, but you have to understand that to suffer is to live, and if you live life to the fullest, no matter what, you will suffer. No matter how hard we try to live without suffering we will never have the power to control that. At times it will be hard but I have been able to realize that there is always going to be happiness and God will never give me anything I can’t handle. We will always go through situations that are given to us to make us learn a lesson that we will never forget.

This does not mean that we will never end up being happy, oh on the contraire, we will always find happiness, but it is never going to be easy. There will always be rocks in our path that might end up making us trip and fall, but we have to learn how to get back up and keep on walking forward, never looking back. We have to believe that He will always be by our side guiding us through hard situations. In life we find out how strong we really are. We lose those that we love, but we have to keep moving forward. We fail at doing something, but we keep trying and we keep moving forward. People will judge us because they don’t know how we really are, but we have to not let that affect us and have to keep moving forward. We end up disappointing people we care about, but we have to correct our mistakes, and keep moving forward. In the end we are able to gain strength, courage, and most importantly, we will gain happiness.

We will always remember the things we have been through because wounds will always heal but scars are always left behind. The things that have made us suffer have helped shape who we are, they have helped us become better people, they have helped us realize what things we did wrong and we will most likely not make those same mistakes ever again. We will always suffer, but it will never be in vain, we will always learn something and we will always become a better version of who we were. No matter the situation we go through.

Satire News Story

Safety turned into Spying

May 8, 2014 by Maura Duque

New York—the NSA has decided to add encrypted chips to every electronic device that has been sold from the year 2011 to present time. It has come to our knowledge that they will try to do whatever it takes to “…dig into your mobile phone to collect just about anything they want on you”, according to a former employee of the U.S. Intelligence. So it started as a raid against terrorism but now they have gone as far as spying on their own people just so have “more control” over the countries safety.

The NSA paranoia has citizens outraged. A McDonald’s employee said, “We can’t trust anyone now a days, if they be adding things to our devices to know where we are and what we do, who know what else they’ll do to keep us under control?” But we do know what they’ll do next. They will add cameras to our tv’s, put microphones everywhere so that they can hear our conversations and send people to spy on all of those they feel might be a “threat” to society; even if it does mean taking away our privacy. Is that not what we all have expected to happen?

Nonexistent 9/11

September 11, 2001, was when the towers went down; it was a relief for most. Those towers were there for many years and our government decided to destroy them so that they could have more room for more important buildings that occupied less space. The people that worked there were transferred to different government buildings throughout the state so that they would not be unemployed.

Many years have passed since that victorious day and everyone now feels safer due to the fact that, what was built there were offices that are in charge for the security of our citizens. In the buildings that replaced the two towers are people that have come from many different sections of the United States that specialize on keeping each state away from harm. Our people have the relief that they would of not had years ago when there were not many ways of keeping order in a more strict manner.

Back in 2001 there were threats of terrorism against our country and the people that make up our government were not going to sit and wait for that to happen. They took matters into their own hands; they made a drastic but necessary decision of vanishing two buildings that were most vulnerable to the terrorist attacks. They decided that it was not time to coward and wait to get harmed. They acted and achieved! On that day they declared that we would not be the weak links! We were going to fight back the best way we knew! They decided that our safety (the citizens) depended on them, we needed a protector, we needed a leader, and we needed courage. By destroying those buildings they showed all of us that we matter! They proved that we were no longer going to fear for our safety. They were going to provide us with everything. Till this day they have accomplished that, and much more. Our oppressors did not achieve their threat because our government was far more intelligent than they were. We became known as “The Courageous” and people see us as the powerful fearless country that we will always be. No one has been able to break us down because we are much stronger than before. We once unimportant caterpillars but now we, after the destroying and remodeling of the towers, we became the free and peaceful butterfly we always needed to be.

Why I Chose to rewrite this piece of history?

September 11, 2001 was a date that changed many people, especially the government, viewed security and freedom. It’s one of the most tragic events that had much influence on the world we live in now. We have less freedom in a way because of how much attention the government is giving its citizens. We have basically become paranoid to the extent that most of our government began spying on each and every one of its citizens just because they believe that is the only way to stop terrorists. But what if 9/11’s tragedy never happened? We would most likely feel less paranoia and we would not feel as if at any given moment we will be victims of a tragedy like 9/11’s or even worse.

1984’s Conclusion

In my opinion the book 1984 by George Orwell has probably one of the best dystopian settings that I have read. I really like Orwell’s fictional piece because it focuses a lot on something a little more realistic; he describes situations that have more probability of happening in the society we live in. It shows a society that is controlled by one “leader”, a society without any freedom of doing as they please. This society is focused on one belief and one hate, if they don’t like the way that this so called government does things they are vaporized or tortured. The people in this society are watched and heard 24/7, the government knows exactly where they are, what they do and when. This is sickening. Even though it’s something no one in our society would want to happen, our government is doing something similar but in a less drastic way. Our phones are devices that can be used to see where we are at a certain point in time, the things we say and text through our phones are controlled; and if it’s something suspicious then you most likely will be interrogated or imprisoned. I believe we are getting closer and closer to the fictional society that Orwell made up.

The ending of the book 1984, in my opinion, is very interesting, and maybe, mind-blowing. He ended the book in a way that us as readers might take Winston’s “death” in a literal perspective or a metaphorical perspective. I honestly wouldn't change anything to the end of the book because that’s what makes it more unique. Most books now a day have “happy” or more so predictable endings. It is better off as the book was written by Orwell because it gives it more oomph. The main message this book gave me is that we should not ever change our way of thinking no matter how much others try persuading you to do otherwise. You should keep a strong mentality and will so that you won’t give in to the way others want you to be.

2nd Semester Reflection

I learned a lot this semester. I learned about all the different types of media that there is now, how much has changed in or society over the last twenty years, and the way we use social media compared to how it was used back then, when people just started to acknowledge the new ways of communication. This class was honestly my most favorite language arts class that I have taken during my high school career. It was more hands on rather than just sitting in class reading books that you find no interest in and then having to analyze it on your own time. I mean if you don’t even want to read it then why would you want to answer question that might not even have any meaning to you. It’s best to involve us in things that we know more about. I believe that this class did that. You were able to expand our perspective towards real life situations but still on track with what the class really is. I think it should be given the way it has this semester but try to change to different things each day like, let’s say, when that one day when we went to the computer lab, then read 1984 and then after you asked for us to draw something that symbolizes us as a person. That had us doing something to do for the entire class period without getting bored. As young adults we tend to get bored easily, and if we do things for too long then it turns hectic/bothersome.