Flight and Travel Plan

Ride the waves, dude!

Accommodation and Prices

You'll be spending a nice eight days (6th of November to the 14th) in the Bali Garden Beach Resort, which has countless reviews that demonstrate excellence. It's located a short distance from the Kuta Beach, however for a more adventurous beach the Padang Padang beach is the one to go to, if you think you can handle it!

Currency Currently

Indonesian use Rupiah, a different currency to Australia. One Australian dollar is equivalent to roughly ten thousand rupiah, which is a great exchange rate. However, don't be fooled by the market dealers in Indonesia, who will try to rip you off, charging around eight-thousand rupiah for something that costs about eight hundred! Bargaining is key in Indonesia.

Daily dose of delightment

Contrary to what you may think, there is a lot more to Bali than surfing. If surfing starts to get a little draining, here's some activities you can do to pass the time.

Buses are a great way to get around the city, but there are some Indonesian mobiles available to hire.

- Badung Traditional Market, where you can score some really good deals on shirts and other assorted items. Warning though; don't buy any vegetables from these markets! Indonesian vegetables are different to Australian ones, and they are acclimatized to the bacteria on the vegetables while we are NOT. If you have a strong stomach, feel free to try, but don't say I didn't warn you!

- Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali (Bali Provincial State Museum), if you're in the mood for a little education. This may seem strange, but they are quite different to the Australian museums, showcasing Indonesian excavations and other cultural artifacts.

- If you're in the mood for something relaxing, there's always the pools and lounging chairs inside the Bali Garden Beach Resort. Everything is at your fingertips, and the service you will find most excellent.

- The benefits to being in a new country is that you could just walk around town and discover what Denpasar has to offer.


Indonesians are much more tactile with others than Australians are. It's not unusual for foreigners to touch you slightly more than you are used to.

However, there are things that Indonesians do NOT do when they talk to others.
- Touching on the head is EXTREMELY disrespectful.
- Using your left hand to greet is also a bad move, as it's associated with grime and dirty things.

Cultural Activities

The Balinese culture is much different to what we experience here in Australia. Along with the etiquette in Bali, some of the clothes they wear are quite different to what we've seen.

For a delicious lesson in the food in Indonesia, consider the Caraway Cooking Class. It's a surefire way to experience unique authentic Indonesian cooking, and is highly rated. Got to keep that diet right for surfing, am I right?

Weather Report (Prakiraan Cuaca)

As a surfer, it's important to know the weather conditions on the days you'll be surfing to your hearts content. For reference, the weather over the week will be:
6th - 27 degrees Celsius
7th - 24 degrees Celsius (This is a colder day, so be sure to keep warm!)
8th - 35 degrees Celsius (A scorcher! Don't forget the sunscreen.)
9th - 30 degrees Celsius (Optimum temperature for surfing. Clear skies and high waves, too!)
10th - 25 degrees Celsius (Surfing on this day isn't the best idea. Ridiculous weather.)
11th - 29 degrees Celsius
12th - 31 degrees Celsius (High waves on this day, definitely wake early!)
13th - 22 degrees Celsius (Try to stay inside. Torrential rain.)
14th - 33 degrees Celsius (Best weather for exiting the wonderful city of Denpasar.)

These weather reports are subject to change, so pay attention to the news for updates. Use the useful language section for translation.

Useful language for communication.

These words will greatly assist you when traveling in Indonesia. Knowing a bit of lingo goes a long way.

Harga Pas - Fixed price (Don't bargain.)
Berapa Harganya? - How much?
Mahal! - Expensive!
Murah! - Cheap!
Sekilo - One kilo
Terima Kasih - Thank you!

General Lingo
Hai! - Hi!
Apa Kabar? - How are you?
Baik-baik saja. - Alright (Pronounced Bake bake sah-jah)
Berasal dari mana? - Where are you from?
Saya berasal dari ... - I'm from (Location)
Satu - One
Dua - Two
Tiga - Three
Empat - Four
Lima - Five
Enam - Six
Tujuh - Seven
Delapan - Eight
Sembilan - Nine
Sepuluh - Ten
Makanan - Food
Minuman - Drink


Restoran - Restaurant

Bioskop - Cinema

Toko - Shop

Kota - City

Kiri - Left

Kanan - Right

Taman - Park

Taman Kota - City Park

Berapa jauh ke pantai? - How far is it to the beach?
Tidak jauh ke pantai - Not far to the beach.

Hujan - Rain
Salju - Snow
Panas - Hot
Hangat - Warm
Dingin - Cold
Lembab - Humid
Angin - Wind
Angin Kencang - Strong wind
Tidak hujan - Will not rain
Hari ini - Today
Mendung - Cloudy

Important notes

Don't forget:

- DO try somethings outside of your comfort zone.
- DO explore the city of Denpasar. So much to see for yourself!
- DO have fun! Not everything in life is a chore.
- DON'T eat vegetables, or from the roadside stalls. Stick to restaurants.
- DON'T use your left hand to greet. It's not a good message to send.
- DON'T touch people on the head. Extremely disrespectful.