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Need Tech Support? -Tech Help with ItD

This a link to ItD chat support and frequently asked questions. If you are a parent, please enter 0000 in the space for LAUSD ID#.

WHES Newsletter Update for 082420

Hello Westport Community,

Last week, over 90% of our students connected with their classrooms!

We want 100% to have access, so we are here to continue one-on-one tech support and these weekly WHES Newsletter updates.

Updates for this week are:

  1. Tomorrow, Monday, August 24th is the 4th and 5th Grade Assembly at 9am in Schoology. See this newsletter below for details on how to access the Principal's Assembly through our Schoology Group and the Assembly calendar for August and September.
  2. FREE iTutoring program (not sponsored by LAUSD) resource for families in need. See this newsletter below for details about how to complete the link to the survey to apply with Speak Up iFamily Program. Here is the link for families to receive tutoring for their children and/or for themselves:


    LMU is also working on a separate matching of LMU volunteer tutors for Family of School Teachers w/ Children.

  3. Link to COVID-19 Testing and Tracing Program for LAUSD begins. See link for details https://achieve.lausd.net/covidtesting
  4. Fostering Well-Being and Community: (From LAUSD Back to School Plan p. 12) A sense of community helps stakeholders feel valued and included. Strategic activities provide opportunities for individuals to learn more about each other, resulting in deeper levels of connection and a sense of belonging. A simple and fun way to approach community building is through thematic events and activities. Let's follow these District wide wellness themes starting with Mindful Monday at Westport Heights!
  5. Schoology Transition for School: Eventually, this newsletter will be updated into a new one that is sent through Schoology only. Please join our Westport Heights Community Schoology group to stay connected. Access code is: F4SD-8VW5-M2FMJ. NOTE:Directions on how to join a Schoology Group are the same as joining the group for Monday Assembly below.
  6. All newly enrolled English Learners have school program options. There will be three meeting opportunities this Friday, August 28, 2020 at 8am, 1pm, and 5pm. You will receive a call letting you know if your child may be classified as an English Learner in the District system. Link is here to the meeting: https://lausd.zoom.us/j/95471532898?pwd=eWxvby9NVDl2eldqK2N4UmJ5aVVndz09
  7. Math Books and Curbside Pick Up#2: To all families, our school was notified last week that Math books would arrive tomorrow, Monday, August 24th. We will be scheduling another Curbside pick up within the next week or so after we sort the books and any other teacher material requests. Details to come!

Have a great evening and see you "virtually" tomorrow!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

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WHES Newsletter Update: Principal's Monday Assembly Begins Tomorrow for 4th and 5th

Dear Westport Community,

Please join us tomorrow for Monday's assembly for our 4th and 5th grade Condors! The assembly will be linked through Schoology and its purpose will be to build community expectations for students around digital citizenship, character, and social emotional strategies. Please sign in and let's get started at 9am! To get credit for attendance, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Login to Schoology at lms.lausd.net with your student QR Code or MYMail student

email and password

Step 2- Click to GROUPS inside your Schoology Account (found at top left blue bar) to find &

then click to enter "Westport Heights Community Schoology" Group

STEP 2B- If you have not joined our school's group, click "MY GROUPS" and join by clicking

JOIN GROUP or "+" (on new iPads)

Step 3- Enter Access Code: F4SD-8VW5-M2FMJ and then click JOIN.

Step 4- Click on the Assembly Zoom Link

Step 5- Follow the directions inside the Zoom waiting room and sign in on the link provided


We know that Schoology and remote assembly is new and want to support you with tech needs. Ms. Blanca and I will be available from 8am to 8:45am to assist those who need assistance getting into our Westport Schoology group or accessing the Zoom room designated for the Morning 9am Assembly. You may can call Ms. Blanca at 424-6661153 or call the school at 310-645-5611 to reach me.

NOTE: Calendar for August and September Monday Assembly is linked below.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

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This is iTutoring sponsored by SPEAK UP and not an LAUSD sponsored resource.

WHES Newsletter Update 082120

Good Morning Westport Community,

We are aware LAUSD was experiencing system difficulties in Schoology yesterday. Thank you for your continued patience on Day 2 of remote learning with your child's teacher.

Here is the link to the newsletter: https://www.smore.com/bm0j8

The newsletter today supports family with three items:

1- Tech Tips links page with several scenarios that have been occurring and their solution. Please click the link in the newsletter below to see if your tech issue is listed there. If it is not, please contact the office to let us know of your specific issue. We will inform the district.

2- REMINDER: Westport Assistant Principal of Special Ed Services, Ms. Kennedy, will hold a webinar for parents of students with special needs this Friday, August 21st. Q&A at end of meeting

Zoom Link is here: https://lausd.zoom.us/j/97405663982

3. Principal's Monday Condor Assembly for students begins this Monday, August 24th at 9am beginning with 4th and 5th grades. The assemblies will be sorted by grade span: 4th and 5th will receive an assembly Zoom invitation today. If you have not joined our Westport School yet, please do so now. GO TO LMS.LAUSD.NET.; STUDENT SIGNS INTO SCHOOLOGY ACCOUNT; CLICK ON "GROUPS" AT THE TOP OF PAGE; CLICK ON MY GROUPS (JOIN GROUP OR +) IN THE RIGHT CORNER; TYPE IN ACCESS CODE FOR Westport Heights Community Schoology Group: F4SD-8VW5-M2FMJ. Then click Join

It is where information from the school will come instead of this newsletter. (We will slowly wean off of this WHES Newsletter into Schoology.) Please make sure your child signs on to help build community with his/her peers!

Again, here are the options for tech help this morning:

· Contact Blanca Espinoza, Community Rep, 424-6661153 starts 8am

· LAUSD - (213)443-1300 (Sometime long hold times) starts at 7:30am

· Westport - (310)-645-5611 starts at 8:00am

· Chat with LAUSD Tech Support (See Newsletter below) starts at 7am

Your perseverance is appreciated and great model of resilience for our students!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

WHES Newsletter Update IMPORTANT!

Good Morning Westport Community,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all continue to learn and navigate through the opening of this new school year of remote learning.

During the Meet and Greet there was an issue for some families getting onto Zoom using the iPads. (Thank you, teachers for remaining in contact with your families to help them with a backup access plan yesterday.)

The newsletter today supports family with three items:

1- TECH Support for accessing Live Zoom sessions on Schoology. Two options for accessing Schoology Zoom live class session if having difficulty on the iPads.

a. Solution for iPads: Do NOT click the S symbol for Schoology on the iPads, instead enter using Safari internet browser


b. NOTE: Chromebooks do not use an app to access Schoology, so should work fine

2- Westport Assistant Principal of Special Ed Services, Ms. Kennedy, will hold a webinar for parents of students with special needs this Friday, August 21st. Q&A at end of meeting

a. Zoom Link is here: https://lausd.zoom.us/j/97405663982

b. Here are the options for tech help this morning:

· Contact Blanca Espinoza, Community Rep, 424-6661153 starts 8am

· LAUSD - (213)443-1300 (Sometime long hold times) starts at 7:30am

· Westport - (310)-645-5611 starts at 8:00am

· Chat with LAUSD Tech Support (See Newsletter below) starts at 7am

NOTE:·The Schoology recommends logging in through a web browser on IOS/ANDROID devices (including iPads). This will enable the use of all apps installed through courses and the app icon.

Your perseverance is appreciated and great model of resilience for our students!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

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Click Step-By-Step Directions Below for Trouble Logging onto Schoology APP on iPads

Mental Health Services Link: Students, Family and Staff

Student and Family Wellness: (213) 241-3840 The Student & Family Wellness helpdesk is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please call for support with mental health, immunizations, health insurance, food & housing, enrollment, and more.

WHES Newsletter Updates 08/20/20

Hello Westport Community,

This is a quick update to check the newsletter for a summary of what is expected for your child during Parent Student Orientation.

Below is document which summarizes the expectations to watch two videos and follow a checklist of activities to do each day at your child's own pace starting at 9am.

Step 1 Watch the two (2) videos of the day in your child's Schoology account for the day.

Step 2 Read the checklist for your child's grade level. Follow the directions in each step as best as possible.

NOTE: The checklist and videos for Days 1 and 2 are linked in the newsletter directly below if you cannot access through Schoology due to high traffic or tech issues.

Step 3 By end of day post what was learned by child from the watching the videos and completing the activities on the checklist in the discussion chat on their Schoology Course page for days 1 and 2.

If you are having technical difficulties you can call:

  • LAUSD - (213)443-1300 (Sometime long hold times)
  • Westport - (310)-645-5611
  • Community Rep - Blanca Espinoza: (424)-6661453

If your internet connect is not working, please contact the school for possible solutions.

Also, there will be a webinar for Q&A to check in and see how your week went for you and your child during this first week of remote learning. Please be ready to bring positive solutions for the current situation. We know you would prefer face to face teaching, but it is not possible under current state policy with the rate of COVID infections in LA County.

Thank you for your positive spirits!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

First Two Days of School - Student Orientation Videos & Checklist BY GRADE LEVEL

STUDENT ORIENTATION DAY 2 - Please click on the link to view Day 2 (August 19) videos:

STUDENT ORIENTATION DAY 1 - Please click on the link to view Day 1 (August 18) videos

August 18 & 19 Student CHECKLIST TK and K (Eng & Span)

Complete activities for first 2 days of school. Work may be done in English or home language. No need to print or turn in. In order to get attendance credit, student returns to Schoology at lms.lausd.net and type what learned in discussion section.

August 18 & 19 Student CHECKLIST 1st - 3rd (Eng & Span)

Complete activities for first 2 days of school. Work may be done in English or home language. No need to print or turn in. In order to get attendance credit, student returns to Schoology at lms.lausd.net and type what learned in discussion section.

August 18 & 19 Student CHECKLIST 4th - 5th (Eng & Span)

Complete activities for first 2 days of school. Work may be done in English or home language. No need to print or turn in. In order to get attendance credit, student returns to Schoology at lms.lausd.net and type what learned in discussion section.

How to help your child activate Schoology account?

How to help your child activate his/her Schoology account on lms.lausd.net?

Newsletter Update August 17th

Dear Westport Community,

Last week was a busy week with Town Hall Meetings, materials/device pick-up, and registering and linking students in Parent Portal and Schoology. This coming week promises to be just as busy. Yet, I know if we all collaborate, communicate, and get creative in a caring way, we can open school successfully!

This WHES Newsletter will cover LAUSD terms you need to know, the learning schedule for the week, the agenda for my Welcome Back and Orientation meeting, and the schedule for picking up learning materials for new enrollees.

Let’s begin with defining the terms.

Parent Portal:

As parents, each of you either have or will be setting up a Parent Portal account. Then you’ll add your child/children to the account which will give you access to their records, assignments, classroom activity due dates, etc.

Parent Pin:

The Parent Pin is a four-digit number assigned to you by LAUSD. You will need this number to add your child/children to your Parent Portal account. A letter containing the PIN is included in your child’s learning materials. Keep the letter somewhere safe so that you may refer to it if needed. After you register in Parent Portal, you will not be asked for the PIN again.

Student ID:

When you child enrolled, LAUSD assigned them a student ID number. The ID number is a six-digit number followed by an F, M or for new students, X, followed by three digits. So, it would look like this: 100056X072. You’ll refer to your child’s ID number often so keep that handy too! The ID number is included in the letter that has your Parent PIN number.

Student Email Address:

Each student is assigned an LAUSD email address. Your child’s teacher has access to this information and will be sharing it with families. It contains a first initial, all or part of the last name, a four-digit number and then ends with @mymail.lausd.net.

Student Single Sign On (SSO):

Once you have your child’s email, you have your child’s SSO. Remove the @mymail.lausd.net and you have the SSO. E.g. NStudent0001@mymail.lausd.net the SSO is “NStudent0001”

MyMail Password:

All student MyMail Passwords have been reset to westport2020. Use this to log onto the Chromebooks as well.

Student Device Passcode or Password:

For those of you who have LAUSD iPads the password is still 0000. For 4th and 5th grade, you would need to enter the MyMail email for the username and the password is westport2020

I hope that this information is helpful. Now on to what does this first week of school look like. Details are in the newsletter. Here is an overview:

On Tuesday, August 18th, and Wednesday, August 19th, your child is participating in lessons created by the district. Your child will find the lessons in their class’ Schoology account.

It is very important that your child participate in these lessons on these two days. Their participation is how attendance will be taken and, as in any school year, the first day of your child’s attendance confirms their enrollment for the school year. These are asynchronous, or independent, lessons so there is some flexibility in the schedule but all classes for the day should be completed by 3:00p.m.

Monday afternoon all new WHES enrollees may pick up learning materials. Monday, August 17th you may stop by between 12pm and 3pm, after the conclusion of our school-wide staff meeting, to pick up your child’s materials and device. To be able to maintain a safe physical distance, we ask that you drive through the curbside pickup and stay in your car. This also allows for your child to join you when picking up the materials. If you missed your assigned time last week to pick up materials, please come at this time as well.

NOTE: We are still awaiting the delivery of our health and newly adopted math materials. It is my understanding that some printing facilities were shut down and this is delaying materials. When they arrive, another round of curb-side pickup will be scheduled for all.

On Tuesday, August 18th, at 1:00p.m. I’ll be hosting a Principal Welcome Community Zoom and Orientation meeting. The invitation Zoom link is HERE for direct access without a password or use Meeting ID: 93419618996 and Password: Condor2020. I will also send the link in a separate post so you can find it easily. In this meeting, I’ll be speaking about getting ready for school each day, zoom etiquette, the Parent Portal, Schoology, and more. Parent representatives from the WHES Parent Booster Support Club be with me to help answer any questions you may have.

Your children are invited to the beginning of the meeting as both getting ready for school and zoom etiquette pertain to them as well as you. The remainder of the meeting is geared towards parents. The Principal Welcome Zoom meeting will be from 1pm - 2pm. Then, I will hold a New Student Orientation Meeting from 2pm - 3pm to answer specific questions they may have.

Class schedules and additional information can be found within the newsletter linked HERE at https://www.smore.com/bm0j8.

Should you have additional questions, please contact our school office at 310 645-5611 Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm.

If you need help with registering on the Parent Portal or accessing Schoology, Community Rep, Blanca Espinoza will be fielding phone calls (main office number) and emails (Blanca.E.Espinoza@lausd.net) all day Monday, August 17th between 9am and 3pm.

I look forward to a great school year and appreciate your support and continued partnership.

Thank you so much for your support, understanding, and patience during these unusual times. It means everything!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Hughes

P.S. This week I will be phasing out sending the newsletter through our usual Blackboard Connect and will be sending our newsletter updates through Schoology!

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What's the Update?

Hello Westport Community,

I know that there is a lot of information which has been flowing your way during this preparation for opening school. All in our school community please read these items to stay connected.

1- Town Hall Meeting was announced in the newsletter for tomorrow, Friday, August 14th at 8am and 5pm. This meeting will be a time for you to receive assistance with Parent Portal registration and login, Schoology access for you and your child, and help troubleshooting any problems which you may have in this area. This is to make sure your child can be counted in attendance on the first day of school on Tuesday, August 18th.

2- There are passwords for the new devices:

iPads = 0000 (same as last school year)

Chromebooks = westport2020 [NOTE: Student will also need there lausd mymail email for username. Please call the school if you need it again.]

3- Join Westport Heights Community Schoology Group. [STEPS: 1- login in to Schoology at lms.lausd.net as a Parent (after Parent Portal registration); 2-Click on "GROUPS" on the top left dark blue banner; 3- Click on "MY GROUPS" on the right hand side; 4-Click "JOIN GROUP"; 5- Enter Access Code: F4SD-8VW5-M2FMJ. This group is where I will begin to send all school communications, flyers, links, sign ups, etc. for the school.

Our 3rd - 5th grade returning students, don't forget to come and pick up your devices along with the beginning of school starter kits with important information. New students will pick up items on Monday, August 17th.

Have a wonderful rest of your night.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

Newsletter Update Summary for August 12, 2020

Hello Westport Community,

The newsletter has been updated. Please read below. It includes:

  • Mental Health Link with Student/Family Wellness Center: See Link & Phone number below.
  • School Readiness Checklist: Read below for the most clear cut list of what you and your child need to be ready for the first day of remote school learning.
  • School Readiness Survey & Form Link: This is where you upload the three documents (Parent Acknowledgement, Responsible Use Policy (RUP), and Media Release) for each child who will be attending Westport. You will need to download and complete the forms before your child can receive a device and materials. Even if you do not want the device, you still need to complete the forms and just choose "OPT OUT" on the Parent Acknowledgement form. Don't forget to bring back the old device! Read this newsletter for more details.
  • Form 1, Form, 2, and Form 3: There are links (Spanish and English) for each form that must be uploaded on the School Readiness link. You can also pick up a copy of the form in the main office if you cannot download and print at home. Bring the completed forms with you when you come to pick up the device and materials on your assigned day.
  • Curbside Device Drop Off and Pick Up (Returning students 8/13 & 8/14; New enrollees 8/17): Please read the section under the "Collaborate" section and below the Curbside Icon found in this newsletter.
  • Video How to Back Up iPad onto Your Computer: If your child has projects or pics you would like to keep for a memory book, then here is a video that might help. See newsletter
  • School Calendar Update: Look over the highlights of what is happening tomorrow, August 13th through Friday, August 24th (Note: Times of Parent/Student Orientation events to be released to schools by district Friday, August 17th.)
  • Teacher Roster 2020-2021: See the current roster of Westport teachers for this school year and what grade level they will be teaching.
  • Nearest Grab & Go Food Locations: Please look for the Grab & Go Icon in the newsletter below for hours of operation and the two locations nearest our school.
Click to Translate Newsletter into Over 100 Languages?

¿Cómo se puede traducir este boletín? Haga clic aquí para ver un video rápido (inglés) Как этот информационный бюллетень можно перевести на более чем 100 языков? Нажмите на ссылку здесь, чтобы посмотреть быстрое видео (английский)


Here is what families need for their children to be ready for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 18, 2020:

  1. You will need to register on Parent Portal using your PIN, Child's Student ID, and date of birth if you have never done so before. Register here: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/10470
  2. Your child needs a working device (either iPad or Chromebook). You will need to complete District Device Permission forms in advance of receiving device. THE THREE (3) FORMS ARE ALL LINKED IN THE BLUE BOXES UNDERNEATH THE SCHOOL READINESS BOX BELOW.
  3. You and your child will need to be able to access Schoology.
  4. You will need reliable internet connection.
  5. Your child knows their MyMail address ("xxxxxxx@mymail.lausd.net") and password (4th and 5th) or has their QR code to access Schoology (PAL - 3rd)

Important: If any of the above items are not true for your child, your child will not be able to access instruction on the first day of school (Aug 18th). Please IMMEDIATELY visit the following link, or click the button below, and let us know so we can ensure you have access: https://bit.ly/WHESSchoolReadiness

Note: If you recently enrolled your child in August, you may call the office to confirm the day of your device distribution day and for information regarding student MyMail email and password.

School Readiness: Survey and Form Upload

Missing one or more of the items on the School Readiness Checklist? Fill out the form by clicking the link to let us know how we can help.

Form 1: Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

Please complete this District form number 1 of 3 before you pick up your device for your child. It is required if your child will utilize the District Apps, Schoology, or other internet platforms.

Form 1(SPAN): Póliza del Uso Responsable (RUP)

Una copia de 1 de 3 del papeleo para recibir una computadora y saber las reglas de utilización. Tiene que completarlos antes de llegar a la escuela


This is form 2 of 3 that we need filled out before you have your device. You may chose to OPT-IN if you want a device to take home. Or you may use this same for to OPT-OUT if you do not want a device to take home for your child.


Este es el formulario 2 de 3 que necesita completar antes de que tenga su computadora or iPad. Puede elegir OPT-IN si desea llevarla a casa. O puede usar este mismo para OPT-OUT si no desea que su hijo se lo lleve a casa.

Form 3: Media Release Form

Teachers and school will want to create recorded moments for the yearbook, virtual concerts, visits by dignitaries, etc. Please complete this document so that your child is included in our special school moments.

Form 3(SPAN): Formulario de publicación de fotografías

Los maestros y la escuela querrán crear momentos grabados para el anuario, conciertos virtuales, visitas de dignatarios, etc. Por favor complete este documento para que su hijo sea incluido en nuestros momentos escolares especiales.

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YouTube Video of How to Save iPad Photos & Videos

You may want to save a few of the projects and photos on the iPad to your computer. Check out this link by clicking the button above (Not sponsored by LAUSD, I just Googled it.)

School Calendar Updates: August 13th - August 21st

Hello Westport Community,

We know you want to know what is happening next week. Here are the highlights of events for the next several days: [TBA = The District will announce exact times very soon for schools to release.]:

  1. Thursday, August 13th - (8am - 3pm) - Device and Material Pick Up/Old Device Drop Off (PAL-2nd returning students)
  2. Friday, August 14th - (8am - 3pm) - Device and Material Pick Up/Old Device Drop Off (3rd - 5th returning students)
  3. Monday, August 17th - Device and Material Pick Up for New Enrollees Our teachers officially return to work (remotely)
  4. Tuesday, August 18th - (Times TBA) STUDENTS BEGIN SCHOOL - Reverse Minimum Day: Parent & Student Orientation (AM) Parent Student Welcome by School & Booster Support Club (PM)
  5. Wednesday, August 19th - (Times TBA) - Reverse Minimum Day #2: Parent & Student Orientation (AM) Teacher Meet and Greet (PM)
  6. Thursday, August 20th - (9AM - 2:15PM) - BEGINS Regular day of remote instruction between teachers and students (synchronous and asynchronous class schedules will begin with teachers)
  7. Friday, August 21st - (9AM - 2:15PM) - Regular day of remote instruction
  8. NOTE: You and your child will need Schoology access to connect to the activities. Regular school attendance for students will begin Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Note: Attendance will be counted by participating in the Parent/Student orientation when your child logs into Schoology.

We will share information as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience as we open for the first time with remote learning.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes


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Welcome Back Westport Heights 2020-2021 Teacher Roster

We are small but mighty! Welcome back Westport Heights Elementary School Teachers:

PAL- Mrs. Lisa Collins

TK-2nd - Mr. Michael McGurty

TK/K - Mrs. Ann Bishay

TK/K - Ms. Luz Quintero

1st - Ms. Rebecca Mangos

2nd - Mrs. Linda Recendez

2nd/3rd - Ms. Christine Grams

3rd - Mr. Stephen Young

4th - Mr. Theodore Fortier

4th/5th - Mrs. Farrah Cocozza

5th -Mr. Seth Faber

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Family and Student Handbook (Spanish and English)

Linked below you will find the Family and Student Handbook to support our families with starting the 2020-2021 school year online. This handbook is meant to be a guide to help parents and students with information they will need in the days leading up to and through the first weeks of school.

We have shared the Handbook with parents in the following ways:

  • Post the downloadable handbook on the school website
  • Email the links below of the handbook to families in Newsletter

· https://bit.ly/familyandstudenthandbook (English Version)

· https://bit.ly/manualparalasfamilias (Spanish Version)

  • Share the link to the handbook via social media (Twitter)
  • Share the handbook with families via Schoology (Coming soon!)
  • Our school will be provided a limited number of paper copies of this handbook in both English and Spanish to support families that wish to have a physical copy. More information on the delivery of the handbooks to come. Our hope is that this Family and Student Handbook will serve as an additional tool to help make the start of this school year a success.

Back to School Plan (Spanish and English)

The Back to School Plan is intended to serve as a blueprint for the measures, systems, and practices necessary to provide the appropriate continuity of both care and instruction to all students, families and staff as we begin the 2020-21 school year. Whether students are in a classroom at school or at home, our commitment to your children is to provide them with the best possible education. - excerpt from Welcome Letter from Austin Beutner Click link below to access plan.
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Welcome Back Westport Condors!

Welcome Back Westport Community,

Friday, March 13, 2020, was the last day children attended Westport in person. All of us responded to a COVID-19 pandemic and rose to the occasion to meet new needs for remote learning and social distancing.

My sincerest gratitude to all WHES Staff (teachers and all other employees), Families, Booster Support Club, Community Partners, and students who worked so hard to make sure we made it to June 2020.

Whereas the end of last school year was a response to a new crisis, now remote learning is currently our "new normal". We must, and will, successfully navigate today's remote learning landscape together within our current school format to successfully educate our children.

In order to succeed, we will need to communicate, collaborate and be creative around making remote learning work for our students and all other stakeholders. In this newsletter below, you will find the first of many communications about how we plan to open our school with these three C's. We know that this is a new normal for all of us, and so, this document will be a place where you can go to get answers or ask questions using the survey links within it. This living document will connect you with any relevant updates as they develop during our school opening.

Please note we will notify you of any updates only using the district's Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) beginning the first day of school. Please see the details within this newsletter below and get connected now. Please call the school if you have any questions. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8am -3pm at 310-645-5611.

As we all know, the last five months have presented challenges and unexpected circumstances. The situation with this pandemic is constantly changing and evolving, and our learning environments may change as well. I am committed to keeping you updated on any changes as they occur.

We can be a success if we communicate, collaborate, and are creative with a CARING attitude!

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Hughes

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

- Maya Angelou-

Have questions about the new school year? Share them with us.

Communicate. We want to hear from you. Please use this simple survey below to tell us your questions you need answered. We plan to incorporate as many answers as we can to respond to you during Town Hall meetings. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.
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How do I get my Parent Portal PIN?

You will need your child's student ID and the unique PIN to log into Schoology for the first time. If you do not have either your child's ID or your PIN, please call the Main Office at (310) 645-5411, Monday through Friday from 8 am - 3 pm.
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Coming Soon: What will a typical school day look like for my child with 100% Remote Learning?

Overview of Grade Level Schedules

As soon as we have the information, we will share the amount of instructional minutes the state expects from schools (it will detail the amount which will be synchronous [live interaction] and what will be asynchronous [independent classwork].

(Subject to final approval of UTLA/LAUSD Tentative Agreement by UTLA Members and LAUSD School Board)

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Attendance Matters!

School attendance is always important. We want our students to learn and grow to their full potential.

Coming Soon: Please check here on how LAUSD will have schools determine and monitor your child's attendance during each day of remote learning.

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If I have a question about enrollment, my child's attendance, or other school matters, who can I talk to?

The Westport Main Office is now open from Monday through Friday from 8am -3pm at 310-645-5611. Ms. Isabel or Ms. Mona are in the office to assist you by phone and answer your questions. You can also go to our school website linked HERE to get access to online enrollment and other information.
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The Two Nearest Locations for Grab & Go Food Locations

Los Angeles Unified, in partnership with the Red Cross, will continue to provide nutritious meals to all students who need them during the temporary closure of schools. Our Grab & Go Food Centers are staffed weekdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Each child can take home two nutritious meals. While your child is working remotely with you at home, you can go to the Grab & Go to pick up two healthy free meals. The link has all of the locations, but two nearest locations in our school are are:

Daniel Webster Middle School
11330 Graham Place, Los Angeles 90064 AND

Marina Del Rey Middle School
12500 Braddock Drive, Los Angeles 90066

CLICK HERE to Find Grab & Go Food Centers

Los Angeles Unified, in partnership with the Red Cross, will continue to provide nutritious meals to all students who need them. Grab & Go Food Centers are staffed weekdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Each child can take home two nutritious meals.

Coming Soon: WHES Back to School Virtual Picnic--Let's be creative and have some FUN!

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