Monarch November Media Center News

Monarch Tops Checkouts in District and Dinovember

Overdrive for Ebooks and Audiobooks

Did you know Monarch students and staff have checked out nearly 2000 titles in Overdrive since the beginning of school? Our school topped the district charts two months in a row for checkouts on this ebook and audiobook site.

E-Book and Audiobook Check Out

Students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to download and read or listen to ebooks and audiobooks through our district subscription to Overdrive and our school subscription to GoFollett. Students use their school login for both sites. The student username is generally the first letter of their first name and the first five letters of their last name, followed by their 4 digit lunch code.

Example: Test Student would be ​tstude1091 (made up lunch code). Their password would be their birthday in mmddyy format.​

For a link to Overdrive and GoFollett and more information about these resources, visit our media center resources page here: We hope you enjoy this amazing resource!


Dinosaurs seen Lurking in the Media Center

Have you heard a distant roar? Students report seeing dinosaurs in the media center before Book Fair. Chances are, they'll be back! Be on the lookout for dinosaurs in the media center and see what our prehistoric friends are up to during Dinovember!
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