Electrons In Atoms

Electron Configuration and Orbital Notation

Writing Electron Configurations

1. Find the element on the periodic table.

2. Go back to the last noble gas that was passed (atomic number).

3. Write the symbol of the noble gas in brackets to start your electron configuration. Put the atomic number of the noble gas beneath the symbol to let you know the number of electrons already represented.

4. Continue your electron configuration using the row after the noble gas. For example, Krypton ends the 4th row so you would begin with 5. Always begin with the s subshell.

5. Continue writing your electron configuration following the chart until you reach the correct number of electrons.

Writing Orbital Notation

1. s subshells have 1 orbital

2. p subshells have 3 orbitals

3. d subshells have 5 orbitals

4. f subshells have 7 orbitals

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