The Personal Life of a Leader

Spring 2015


My name is Dennis Nichols, and I'll be your instructor for this course. I am very excited to work through this material with you.

Oftentimes people end up in leadership by default or suddenly find themselves in a position of leadership without a lot of training. Even if you always knew you wanted to be a leader, that doesn't necessarily mean you've been afforded the time and space to think about how that intersects with your personal life, nor what that means for your unique personality and set of gifts.

This course is a highly reflective course with the opportunity to do just that: reflect on the ways that any leader, and particularly yourself, need to care for themselves in order to serve God with excellence in the areas to which you are called.

The final project for this class is a Personal Development Plan. You'll be thinking through this as we go along in the course, and I highly recommend giving it some good thought. My hope is that this final assignment can actually help serve as a blueprint for your ongoing development as a leader, even beyond this course.

To get started, please read the syllabus (linked on the main course page) and introduce yourself in our introductions forum. That gives us all a chance to get to know each other. You'll find that having a feel for who your classmates are and where everyone's coming from will make our discussions throughout the course that much richer!

Looking forward to this journey with you.

Grace and peace,