Geography year 7 2012-13

By Will and Ollie


In year 7 we have been learning about sustainability. Sustainability is where you try and help the environment by recycling things like water and materials. In Geography we made a sustainable stadium. Ours recycled water by getting the water off the roof and filtering it and using it as drinking water.This is a sustainable stadium.

Sport + Georgraphy

In Geography we have also been learning about sport, we looked at two different Barclays Premier League teams in the 'geog.1' books. The teams where Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC. They were both looking at moving stadiums, but we had to think about the fans situation and building or converting the new stadiums, so it was a serious matter and they would have to think it through. Arsenal were originally in Kent and they moved to North London, they now had new rivals called Tottenham and Chelsea