Super Midwest!

By Romy, all you need to know on the midwest

Midwest Geography

The Midwest is mostly all flat land and has only a little bit of hills. We have mostly plains and praries. In the midwest, there is not just praries. There actually is SOME mountains in the Midwest. There are hills in sime of Ohio, Michigan, and some even in illinois.

History of the Midwest

Did you know the popular book, Laura ingalls Wilder, was real? It was her diary on the life at the frontier. You can find it in Pepin, Wisconsin. Ever heard of Abraham lincoln? He live in illinois. Lincolns parents were some of the first settlers to go to midwest.

Things you may wonder:

How was the midwest formed? Glaciers, of course. When the glaciers move through the Midwest carving out the land, it left it all flat. That is why we have so much praries. Another thing you may wonder is is there any more of the land things in michigan? The answer is: yes. Badlands, is one thing. A dry lands with a lot of plateus.

Recources of Midwest

We have multiple recources like coal, natural gas, copper, iron, oil, and windmills. All of the states in the midwest recource at least one of these things. Our state, michigan, makes power (windmills) and natural gas.

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