One of the tough things about being an ELL student is that you often have to serve as the go-between for school and home. If it’s about a field trip, no problem! But what about something like an Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Schools have crucial information to communicate to parents, and parents need to be able to access that information in a language they speak fluently.

A school newsletter for ELL Families

So why not put an IEP on a school newsletter with translation features, like this template here? Maybe it’s untraditional, but we’re educators — we think outside of the box!

Rethinking school communications so that they’re accessible for everyone makes all families feel welcome. Through a translatable school newsletter, you are giving them the information they need to support their children’s education. Happy parents make happy students make happy teachers.

Introducing IEP in a School Newsletter for ELL Families