Wesley United Methodist Church

December 2022

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Christmas Program is December 18th - One service at 10am - Refreshments served after program

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Our theme for this coming year is 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

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Please return Pledge cards by December 4th

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Shoebox Christmas Express

Dawn is pleased to report that we sent 31 Christmas Shoe Boxes to Spirit Lake Ministries this year. Those boxes, combined with all the other boxes from around the conference, will be distributed among all the reservations in the Dakotas Conference. Thank you to everyone who filled a box or boxes. You have blessed a child with your generosity.

December Services Projection & Lay Readers. WOW Cooks

--------------- Projection ---------------- Lay Reader --------------------------- WOW ---------------- 12/4/22 ------- Laura/Eliza/Wyatt ------------- Don ---------------------------- 12/7/22 -- Manuel (Armstrongs)

12/11/22 ----- Kaden/Avery/Paxton -------- Kristen------------------------- 12/14/22 ----- Manuel (Birds)

12/18/22 ----- Natalia/Torin/Nathan --------Dawn--------------------------- 12/21/22 ----- No Wow

12/24/22------ Mark/Bill/Emily ----------------- Christmas Eve ------------12/28/22 ----- No Wow

12/25/22------ No Services ----------------------- Merry Christmas! --------------------------------------------------------

12/31/22 ----- Natalia/Nathan ----------------- Amy ---------------------------- 1/4/22 --------- Carmen & Diana

1/1/23 --------- No Services ----------------------- Happy New Year! --------1/11/23 ------- Carmen & Diana

Pastor Manuel's new telephone number - 605 501-7334

HyVee Cards

Don’t forget to purchase your HyVee cards from

Doug (605-321-6430) and Marcy (605-321-7108) Bird. They help support projects around the church and the UWF.

Our Members and Friends in Care Facilities or Under Home Care

Tuff Home in Hills, MN: Jackie Dreyer

Good Sam / Hill: Linda Varud,

Leisure Living in Hartford: Nona Robinson

Southridge: Guy Varud; Cleova Frahm;

VA in Luverne: Bob Morrison

2204 E. 11th: Deb Stoakes

December Anniversaries

1 Randy & Jolene Garner

23 Howard & Beverly Baartman

23 Bill & Paula Middagh


Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Dear Wesley Family

I would like to thank you for all of the prayers this year while I was being treated for endometrial cancer. With your prayers the cancer is gone, and I am returning to good health. I am still dealing with the side effects of chemo treatment but should be better in a couple of months. I believe that God had many people (angels) work the miracles for my recovery to date. I am blessed to be part of a loving congregation. Bless all of you and thank you again.

Aleene Angle WIlliams

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Parish Nurse

This is the second in my series of articles about areas of outreach in Sioux Falls.

Shift Garage

Shift Garage serves low-income families, single parents, and those who are legitimately unable to afford a traditional repair shop for a variety of reasons. They exist to help those they serve fully realize the potential Jesus Christ has in their lives.

Their goal is to affect more positive change than car repairs alone. They want to help people in our community break the cycle of poverty. Because of this, they connect their applicants with life improvement classes and workshops that they and their local partners offer. Shop volunteers also provide classes to teach basic vehicle maintenance.

They will repair/replace batteries, alternators, starters, brakes, suspension components, shocks, struts, radiators, water pumps, belts, and hoses among other things. The only charge is for the parts and those are obtained at a discounted rate. They aren’t able to do major repairs that take more skilled mechanics. And they work primarily on older vehicles.

The work is performed by volunteer “mechanics” with limited skill and checked by a trained mechanic.

To apply for repairs, you can contact them at www.shiftgarage.org or call 605-348-4188 for a paper application. A board reviews the applications and contacts the clients they are able to help.

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December Birthdays

01 Travis Borman

07 Dorothy Maize

07 Jeff Anderson

10 Carter Roberts

11 Corey Bird

11 Jeffery Kolhoff

11 Arely Garcia

13 Mark Docken

14 Aiyana Stricker

17 David Brua

19 Paula Middagh

20 Julie Hansen

20 Kevin Roberts

21 Camryn Bird

22 Dawn Armstrong

22 Nathan Docken

26 Robert Whiting

26 Kirk Varud

28 Mark Meier

30 Kolby Bohmbach


General Budget update @ November 30, 2022

Income 11 Months 2022------ ------------$164,176.58

Expense 11 Months 2022----------------($175,349.24)

Expense exceed Income @ 11/30/2022--(11,172.66)

Don Armstrong, Treasurer

Building and Grounds

Balance 10/31/2022--------------------------$14,721.96

Donations October-------------------------------$500.00

Interest earned: -------------------------------------$4.85

Balance 10/31/2022--------------------------$15,226.81

Donna Wallin, Treasurer

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Friends to hold up and remember:

Jan Wittrock - surgery

Abby Hamann - surgery

Bob Morrison - gall bladder surgery

Trish Garcia - upcoming surgery

Jerry Seiler - Fell and was hospitalized overnight

Rosetta Gehring - not feeling well

Don Wendt - hospitalized after a fall

Kensyn, Lindsey Donaldson's son, is having breathing issues.

Brad Anderson - hospitalized after a fall

Lea Watson - healing her knee

Mike Renken -surgery

Steve Polzin- rehab after hospital stay

Debbie, Manuel and Amy's friend in Florida, has been through three bouts of cancer.

She was recently admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Aleene Williams - cancer is gone! - thankful for all the prayers

Aggie Borman - recovering from a heart transplant and doing great

Brooklyn - a little girl who has been coming to church - diminished lung capacity

Bob and Barbara Gran- both doing well after undergoing medical procedures

Pastor Laura Borman - done with chemotherapy

Lynn Margeson - high blood pressure and tests

Dave Garcia - will start chemo soon for cancer diagnosis

Ernie Griner - tests to see what's wrong

Lea Watson's grandson Brock - prayers for healing

Sandy - Bernie McCabe's daughter, ongoing illness

Guy and Linda Varud - both are struggling and in need of prayers

Lynn Margeson's sister Marti Swearingen recovering from a virus, after a heart transplant

Carmen Britt - Sister Kim and Brother-in-law, Dave - prayers needed

Kolby Bohmbach – Continued prayers for good test results

Felsheim Family – working to keep Bennett safe

Karen Renken- continued prayers for healing

Bob Whiting’s daughter Robyn –doing well after a kidney transplant

Nila & Karen’s sister-in-law Karen - continued prayers

José Garcia’s mom, Maria Herrera - breast cancer

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Psalms 25:5

Rummage Anyone?

Wesley is collecting rummage sale donations all year! Some of the donated warm clothing is given away at Nightwatch but there is always room for more! If enough treasures :) are collected there is a possibility of a second rummage sale. So, as you go through your house and find good useable items, bring them to Wesley. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Thursday from 9-1
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