Is He Really The Best Organelle??

Why does he think he's so important??

"I break down food molecules and I digest old cell parts. Unlike the Cytoplasm, all she does is "protect" cell organelles! I mean really it's a hard job!" Says the Lysosome.

Lysosome Doing His Job!!

The Lysosome's structure consists of a membrane, and has proteins/enzymes inside of it. The Lysosome's main job is to break down larger food molecules, and to digest old cell parts.

Is Lysosome full of himself?

"Come on! I am amazing, plus I ain't that bad to look at, if I do say so myself!" Says Lysosome. "I am small and round, and have a single membrane. Unlike the Golgi Apparatus, I mean all he has are stacks of flattened sacs!" The lysosome veries in size and shape, but have several common features. He also has and acidic interior and he carries high content of digestive enzymes.

How important is he really??

" I am the most important because I am the stomach of eukaryotic cells. They would be SO lost without me!" Said Lysosome. "I also contain about 50 different enzymes, that break down all types of biological molecules."