Talofofo Beach

by:nikki johnson

where is it located ?

Talofofo beach Is located in Guam. Guam is politically apart of the united states but geographically apart of Oceania. Talofofo's latitude and longitude is 13.3383 N , 1444.7302 E

more about talofofo beach

It is closer to a plat boundary. it is a secondary coast it features are created by geological forces. it is a secondary coast and it has been rising relative to sea level since its existence. it is a emergent coast.

what color sand is on this beach? How was this beach created ?

the color of the sand is a greenish color with blue waters. The green color is derived from olivine crystals, a green semiprecious mineral found in volcanic rocks and meteorites Olivine is one of the first crystals to develop as magma cools, and is rich in iron and magnesium.

Is talofofo know for anything? What kind of waves dose it have?

It is know for its green sand and blue waters. Talofofo beach has very choppy water

What is its geology?

Talofofo has rolling hill and tropical forest with volcano's
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