Music from Spain


Flamenco is a type of music and dance that originated in Andalusia, Spain during the 18th century. The how and why are unknown, but traditional Flamenco is still present today. Some famous guitar players and singers include Paco Cepero, Paco de Lucía, Niña Pastori, and Miguel Poveda. You can hear Flamenco music just about anywhere. Just to name a few, Parties, concerts, recitals, and theaters are where the music can be heard. Typical people associated with Flamenco are Spain Natives and Spanish Gypsies. Flamenco is a part of a Spanish lifestyle. Many people from Spain sing, dance, or listen to Flamenco which is why it is so popular.

Flamenco Music

Flamenco music usually incorporates guitars, vocals, and hand clapping. The guitar is the most important instrument for Flamenco. The type of guitar used is typically an acoustic guitar. This guitar gives the music a very special sound which is why it is so different form the rest.
Flamenco Dance

Flamenco Dance

Above is a video of traditional Flamenco Music and Dance. You can see the traditional attire for flamenco dancers and hear the spirituality of the music. Flamenco is a very spiritual dance. You can see the dancer moves her hands a lot and has a very rhythmical pattern. Flamenco can be a very complicated dance to learn for new bees. Some Famous dancers today include María Pagés and Eva Yerbabuena.
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Flamenco Today

Today you can hear Flamenco in the streets of Spain or in your local dance studio. Many people in Spain still dance and sing to Flamenco. Particularly, one famous singer is Vicente Amigo. One of my favorites by him is Idílico. I love the whole feeling from the song. Flamenco is a very old type of music that will stay present because of its unique style.


Traditional attire for Women include a long, ruffled, colorful dress with their hair up in bun and a flower. For men, they wear either an all black or colorful suit. Sometimes they will incorporate a hat or if their hair is long enough they will put it up in a pony tail.

Future For Flamenco

Flamenco will never die. It will still remain popular in Spain and will probably grow a bigger appreciation from the world. Hopefully a Flamenco trend breaks out in the U. S. and more people will find that they love Flamenco too!