Daniel's Story ELA Project

By: Khiem Huynh

Comparison of Characters

I think that Margot from the play is very similar to Erika, from Daniel's Story. I think that they are similar because:

1. They are both siblings of the main character.

2. They are both intelligent, quiet, and calm.

3. They both seem very independent.

They are not totally identical though, as they also have some differences:

1. Margot is the older sibling, while Erika is a younger sibling.

2. Erika has a hobby by playing the violin, while it seems Margot didn't have a clear hobby.

3. Even though Erika is very shy, she made a lot of friends, while we never got to see if Margot had an easy time making friends.

Pivotal Action

I think a very pivotal action taken in the Daniel's Story, was when Daniel took himself and Erika to the movie theater to see "The Eternal Jew". I thought that this was very important, because it became the first time that both Daniel and Erika realized the threat of the situation at hand, and what it could turn into. I think it really opened their eyes to what other people thought of Jews, and that it was a warning sign for things to come. I predict that the reason Daniel went to see the movie was because he was very curious and wanted to know what what other people thought about them.

In my opinion, if Daniel and Erika never went to see the movie, they would have never realized that being Jewish was a real threat at the time, and they could have gone on with their lives normally, which I think could have gotten them seriously injured or killed.