The Revolutionary War

The Start of a New Country

When it Began

The war began in 1775 after years of tension between the colonials and the British. The war started with the battle of Lexington and Concord which was fought in what is today the state of Massachusetts. The official ending of the war was in 1883 when the United States and Britain signed the Treaty of Paris. However, the fighting ended at the battle of Yorktown where the colonial army along with the French overran the British troops.
School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World America Rock
SchoolHouse Rock - No More Kings
Classic Sesame Street: The American Revolution


Above, you guys will watch the way the Revolutionary war was taught to me when I was in school. Although these videos are "cute", they do not provide any real depth into what really happened during the war.

If you look below you will see a more modern interpretation of what the Declaration of Independence was like.

After listening to the videos, I would like you to compare the verbiage used in the videos and write a one page reflection explaining why you believe things are taught differently to different age groups.
Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration