tech rules for parents

By:Jasleen R.


-Parents should obey copyright laws.

-They should not be on the phone or texting while driving because it leads to car accidents.

-They should keep their eyes on the road while driving and not on their phones!

-They shouldn't give out personal information,home address, or telephone number.

-They should use the internet respectfully.

-If someone has wrote something to them that has made them feel scared or uncomfortable on the internet they shouldn't write to them back.

-Parents should also beware of what they share on the internet!

-Maybe if yourself and your parents could find an app so that they can talk or communicate with each other.

-They should not give any passwords out to people even if it is their best friends!!!

-Don't send unwanted messages to others, but if you get a message like that its not YOUR fault!!!!

~This is a link to a internet safety website!

Many Parents Texting, Phoning While Driving Their Kids