.: The Neurological Scientist :.


Austin was raised with both of his parents as well as a younger brother. He is two years older than his brother. While his parents had business careers, he and his brother were involved in the medical field. Austin specifically worked with neurological cases, and his brother James was a pediatrician. Austin moved out at the age of 21, though James preferred to stay close and had moved next door to their parents. They have no extended family due to their parents both being only children.

Austin is now 24, while his brother is 22.

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Austin enjoys studying the brain due to its extensive knowledge that it contains as well as how it controls everything in the body. He finds it fascinating and decided to take the route of neurological sciences to further study it. Though mutations or diseases are not his suit, he examines specific functions that each part of the brain takes apart in, and uses his results to learn how to manipulate them into other species. By using gene expression or entering certain traits into the DNA, he finds ways to make animals smarter or survive better than others. His studies do take long amounts of time, but he is known for being determined in his research. Accomplishing huge feats helps him move further in his life and overall career.

Life-Changing Moment

One of the biggest moments for Austin was the discovery of manipulating lucid dreams. But, not in ordinary sleep. This concerned people who were diagnosed with comas. He indulged himself in his studies for up to a year, studying any coma patients that came through the hospitals. He was extremely excited to have something miraculous in his career. He recorded his results from his experimentations and tried to learn how people could control their dreams without having to wake up. He had a few successes, and since then his patients have all been coma or sleep related. This lead to his interactions with one of his patients, Julie.