Films and TV in English

Using TV programmes and films to help your English

Like it!

The golden rule is find something that genuinely interests you....comedy, documentary, fantasy, the News.

It does not matter so long as you enjoy watching it.


You don't have to understand EVERYTHING!

Aim for something you can understand 70% of. This way you will learn NEW words.

To play videos I recommend VLC because you can play back movies at half speed or quarter speed. So if there are parts you don't understand you can listen again slowly and try again. You can also repeat the phrases.

Subtitles or no subtitles?

When I came to Italy I tried to watch TV to learn Italian. People told me to watch without subtitles but listening to fast, loud, chaotic Italian TV shows just gave me a headache!

So I think it is best to watch films and TV programmes in English with English subtitles. This is particularly useful for improving pronunciation and spelling.

It is also fine to watch in English with the subtitles in your language. You will still learn expressions and idioms in English and it will also be easier to understand the storyline, maintaining your interest. However, remember that the subtitles are not necessarily in sync with the dialogue, nor are they always direct translations of what is being said.

Don't bother watching the film in Italian with English subtitles, this is a waste fo time.

Learning English - Using Movies and TV to Learn English

How to find subtitles


On the websites below you can watch films and TV series in English with Italian subtitles...

(go to film sub ita on the top menu to find films in English with subs)

Films: a list of films to try

The Simpsons movie

Studio ghibli movies - spirited away, my neighbour Totoro, Pom Poko

One chance

The Pink Panther

Father of the bride


Planes, trains and automobiles

50 first dates

TV programmes

Here's a selection of interesting programmes that I have personally enjoyed and which I think aren't too difficult (tested on Abdul!)

The links below take you to pages with info about the programme. you can find the programmes to download on

I can happily download anything for you if you bring me a USB dongle.

Watching with Youtube

Recommended programmes:

BBC horizon documentaries. Hundreds of documentaries about current affairs, politics, science.

BBC Horizon Are Video Games Really That Bad BBC Documentary 2015
BBC storyville series. Fascinating stories about music, politics, current affairs, cultures, etc
BBC Documentary Storyville - Particle Fever: The Hunt for the Higgs Boson english subtitles
Dispatches and Panorama are two UK investigation programmes that can be quite interesting. See the episodes on Youtube to choose a subject that interests you.
Dispatches: The Secrets Of Sports Direct

Comedy on Youtube

Here are some funny shows that you can watch on Youtube. They are fast so you might want to play on a slower speed.
Black Books S01E01 - Cooking the Books
Michael Mcintyre - Live at the Apollo
Bear Grylls on Michael McIntyre Chat Show
Whose Line Is It Anyway Funniest Props

Short videos

Cookery, health and beauty, reviews. whatever you like.

Here are some to try...

Remember you can put subtitles and also slow the speed (they sound a bit drunk lol)

How to Break Bad Habits
How To Insult Like the British - Anglophenia Ep 12
Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E01
HOW TO GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR NATURALLY! (updated haircare routine)
Webscape: Shake phone, launch apps - BBC Click

Video apps

You can download these apps from the google play store.

Have fun Bye!