Diversity in the Classroom

Promoting Tolerance and Academic Success

How Bullying Affects the Learning Environment

I think that the biggest problem in the war against bullying is ignorance. By not teaching students about different cultures we are silently telling them that those cultures are insignificant compared to our own. These issues go far beyond just "a little teasing." We have to teach our children that it is okay to be different. We need to respect other races, religions, customs, and abilities; we need to respect humanity. In my own classroom I plan to read books on various cultures, and on acceptance in order to promote a more conducive learning environment for all of my students. I believe that this approach will not only aid in promoting an attitude of acceptance, but also one of respect and cooperation. I strongly believe that students who feel welcome and safe in the classroom are far more likely to succeed.

Student Success

The best way to teach character traits is to lead by example. I hope to one day show my students that each individual is important regardless of how they may look, talk, act, or what they believe. We are all more likely to succeed and to strive for bigger and better things when we feel loved and accepted, and believe that there are no limitations on what we can achieve. If we create this kind of environment for our students then I believe that their success will be inevitable.