Green House Effect

By Juan A.V.


Greenhouse effects is the balance of the energy received from the sun and the energy leaving the earth. the Greenhouse effect isthe process of which the earth gathers its heat that is necessary for the living organisms that live on it. The greenhouse effects would keep some radiation(heat) inside the earth and keep it traped. The chemicals H2O, CO2, CH4, and N2O prevent the sun's heat to leave the earth. Humans have increased the amount of CO2 that is in the atmosphere that increases the Greenhouse effect.

Natural processes

The sun gives off energy which that energy goes to earth. When the energy touches the earth, the earth absorbs the energy which warms the earth. As the energy is being warms the earth at the same time the energy is leaving the earth as radiation. The radiation goes back to space. Some of the radiation bounces off greenhouse gases which the radiation goes back to the earth and keeps on warming it. The gasses in the greenhouse effect occur either naturally of humans cause those gases.

The gases that occur naturally are water, CFCs, Ozone, and Sulfur Hexafluoride. these bonds make the radiation bounce back to earth. The way that the radiation bounces of is that the bonds absorb the infrared radiation. Covalent bonds vibrate at a certain speed and when radiation comes into contact with these bonds and vibrate at the same speed thats when the bond absorbs the radiation. When the radiation is absorbed by the bond then the vibration of the radiation increases which heats the air and then the air starts to give off radiation too. these radiation in turn goes back to the earth or goes off to space.

Anthropogenic processes

Some greenhouse gases occur naturally but humans make greenhouse gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect affects the weather but it can be affected by the everyday activities of humans. if theirs too many gases in the atmosphere it warms the earth. If the earth is warm then it leads to an increase of the precipitation of water, which can lead towards more rain and colder seasons. The cars we use, the factories that we work in and even in a sample BBQ can make greenhouse gases.

The gases that human make are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide. Carbon dioxide is created when we use cars or make a BBQ. Carbon Dioxide comes from the burning of fossil fuels and biomass. Methane is when theirs an anaerobic decay of organic matter. Methane can be created with intensive farming. Nitrous Oxide is created when theirs an increased levels owing to artificial fertilizers and combustion of biomass.

Good and Bad

Animals and plants live in the earth. Humans need to be in a certain temperature to stay alive. Like humans and animals, plants need to be in a environment with the appropriate temperature. The way that the earth takes care for its living organisms is by the means of greenhouse effects. The greenhouse effects can be good but too much can harm the living organisms.

All living organisms need warmth to survive. In nature naturally that warmth occurs. Without the effects of greenhouse effects then the earth would be a frozen place just like the North Pool. Besides warmth the plants also benefit by getting watered. With the heat that is being produced, that also allows precipitation which makes it rain. The rain can cool the earth so that it doesn't get too hot.

In nature theirs a delicate balance of which heat is distributed in earth. With humans activities we have contributed by adding a dangerous amount of gases which keep more heat trapped in the earth. The thing that happens now is global warming which more warmth is kept locked on to the earth. The results of global warming is the polar ice caps melting. and all of these will continue as long fuel are being burned.

The world has too many problems with pollution, dirty water, and animals dying from extinction. The increases of gases in the atmosphere is dangerous and bad for the earth. Everyone should do something to prevent this danger. The gases are also creating the sea level of water to rise to levels that are dangerous. With water levels high it can cause floods which can end up harming allot of people. Animals environments change cause of the temperature change. Plants die cause its too warm for them to grow naturally. All of these things happen cause of the extra gases that shouldn't be their.

In the past decades the greenhouse effect has gained much attention with the media. Greenhouse effect is very vital for humans, animals, and plants to survive. Even tho greenhouse gases can also be harmful. Humans are the major contributors of the extra gases that have been added in the atmosphere, making more radiation to warm the earth. With each passing day with the population growing the amount of gases are going to increase if something isn't done to prevent too many gases to accumulate.

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