Survival guide for Mojave Destert

Written by Chase Strickland


There are animals ranging from small to large (by large it means 4 inches-3 ft)

Such as the black tailed jack rabbit (1-2ft), mule deer (3 ft) ,and the mountain lion (2-3ft)

hunting is legal.


The Mojave desert is located touched by California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

As seen below by the picture.

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4 steps to survive the Mojave desert.

#1 If you can find any dirt if you have the supply's dig a hold into it and use it for shelter

#2 Cut off the scorpion stinger before eating to the stinger contains poison.

#3 IF you are low on water: take a sip of water ever 30 minutes to save water


frequently asked questions

What are the vehicle requirements for driving on dirt roads in Mojave?
Vehicles must be street legal as defined by the laws of the state of California. This includes current registration and tags, lights and turn signals, and valid insurance. California "Green Sticker" and "Red Sticker" programs are not recognized.

Are there dirt roads where vehicles are not allowed?
Yes. Tracks into obsessionally What areas are accessible that don't require driving on dirt roads?

Kelso Depot Visitor Center, newly restored to its appearance in 1924 is 18 miles north of I-40 and 34 miles south of Baker along Kelbaker Road. It is open 7 days a week from 9-5 and includes exhibits on desert ecology and history. designated wilderness areas are now closed. These areas are generally marked with wilderness boundary posts.

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Yes the Mojave desert is a very dry and deadly place but thats what makess it a park



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