Your Digital Footprint

Use Facebook to Promote Yourself Positively

Facebook: Friend or Foe??

Facebook and other social networking sites are a great way to have fun and keep in touch with friends and family members.
But can your profile hurt your reputation and cause you to miss out on opportunities?
Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English

Digital Footprint: What Is It?

Let's look a little closer at Digital Footprints: what they are, what they say about a person, and how they can have either a positive or negative effect in a person's life.
The following video offers some more information:
Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression
What do you think looks better to teachers/grandparents/future employers?

THIS image?

or THIS one??

So What Can You Do?

Here is a link that talks about monitoring the information you have on your Facebook profile.
There are things you can do to keep certain information private.
One must remember though, that once something is on the internet, no matter what your security settings are, SOMEONE could find it if they try hard enough.
Here is a graphic to represent some things to think about before posting a picture, status, or anything else on Facebook.
This came from Your Digital Footprint, which has a lot of good information better describing what a Digital Footprint is, and what one can do to have a positive one.
The above table gives some more specific advice concerning how to use Facebook while avoiding a negative digital footprint.
On a more positive note, here are some ways to not only avoid the negative, but to promote yourself and use Facebook to your advantage.
These links gives more information on digital footprints and how to create a positive one using Facebook and other tools.

Now Put It Into Practice!

In summary, it is crucial in our current society to be represented well by social media and anything else on the internet. There are several approaches you can use to avoid having a negative image, and, to take it one step further, to develop a positive one.
Follow the advice laid out by these websites, images, and videos, and you'll be well on your way to having a good digital footprint!