Genetically Modified Plants

Say NO!

Did You Know?

  • GMOs might pose as a health risk for certain people. Plants can be given, for example, the fish gene. If one were to have an allergy to fish, that this poses as a health risk for that person.
  • Many companies who hire farmers to grow GMOs for them have those people on a leash. Farmers are pretty much slaves to the companies with no way out of the contract and still provide for their families.
  • GMOs may pose a threat to animals that eat the genetically modified plants. These chemicals may end up in their stomach and cause death. A scientific research has also be done on butterflies who grow on plants with pollen and without. Butterflies that hatched with pollen had a higher percentage of survival
  • GMOs also is unethical, it goes against nature. It is not our right to play god and mess with other organisms.
  • GMOs earn companies a lot of money, however, they start losing sight of their effect on nature or even people. These companies become heartless.
  • GM foods also suffer from extreme oversight of health and regulation. People believe that these plants are already safe to eat even though they may not be. These dangerous foods would go out for many people to eat.