The Jeremy Lin Story


Coming to America

It all started in a war-torn China in the late 1940s. Civil war had ripped apart the world’s most populous country. Jeremy’s mother, Shirley was born in Taiwan. The Lins settled in Palo Alto, a community of sixty thousand residents that bordered Stanford University. Gie-Ming, Jeremy‘s father would wanted to introduce his favorite game-basketball-to his three sons. He signed up for a family membership at the local YMCA. When firstborn Joshua was five years old, Gie-Ming showed him the fundamentals of basketball by using the passing, dribbling, and shooting drills he’d studied on his VHS tapes. Jeremy received the same instruction when he started kindergarten, and so would Joseph when he reached that age.

The born of a great point guard

When Jeremy entered first grade, his parents put him in a youth basketball league. But at that age, Jeremy want interested in the action on the court. As Jeremy matured, he became more interested in basketball, especially after he grew big enough to launch an effective shot toward the rim and watch it swish through the net. For the rest of Jeremy’s elementary school years, his parents regularly took him and his brother to the gym to play basketball. They also enrolled Jeremy in youth soccer, but basketball was his passion. Stephen Chen, pastor of the Chinese Church in Christ’s Redeemer Bible Fellowship, remembers the first time he met Jeremy in 2001, when Stephen was a twenty-three-year-old youth counselor. “Jeremy would pass me the ball, even when the game was on the line, Stephen said. “He wasn’t afraid the I’d lose the game. Before entering high school, Jeremy wanted to get baptized as a public statement that he believed in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior