People From The American Revolution

John Paul Jones & Marquis de Lafayette

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a war fought for independence. With the help and devotion certain people provided, it even seems like if that kind of people hadn't supported the U.S. in that war, then their independence wouldn't have been possible. And it's all thanks to people who were devoted to their country or people who simply seek to do to the right thing. This 'people' included individuals such as Marquis De Lafayette and John Paul Jones.

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John Paul Jones

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Marquis De Lafayette Infographic

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Personal Background

  • Lafayette was born in September 6th, 1757 at Chavaniac-Lafayette in France (Martin)
  • His full given name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier (Martin)
  • At an early age, Lafayatte was left an orphan and not long after his grandfather followed his parents to the grave, leaving Lafayette as an only heir to his grand fortune (Martin)
  • He became very fond of America and would often pay visits to the land (Martin)
  • Lafayette was a man with liberal beliefs (Martin)

Historical Background (extra facts)

  • At some point in his life, Lafayette was a musketeer, he was part of the French royal bodyguards ("Marquis de Lafayette")
  • He aided several countries with their fight for independence, these counties include the following:
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Poland
  • America (Martin)

Historical Role & Importance

  • Lafayette lived and served during the civil war ("Marquis de Lafayette")
  • He and General George Washington developed a father-son relationship, since Washington had no children of his own and Lafayette no parents, it wasn't a hard thing to do ("Marquis de Lafayette")
  • When Lafayette returned to France he was often referred to as ''a hero to two worlds" (Martin)
Lafayette could have chosen to remain in France and to live the ''high life'' at the court, but instead he chose to sail to America and to fight in a war that really was of no concern to him. He decided to help out and sponsor them all he could, not caring about what people back at home would say about his life. Lafayette chose to leave the ''boring court life'' and instead go to an unknown land and fight for a just cause. Perhaps if the world had more people like him peace could rule the earth.


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by Karla Rodriguez & Pricilla Flores