december 17

a recap of the december 17th board meeting

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Board of Education Meeting | December 17


There were no recognitions or welcomes at this meeting.

This meeting was held virtually, via YouTube and all public comments were submitted via an online Google form prior to the meeting. All comments received prior to 12 pm (noon) on Thursday, December 17, 2020 were categorized, and read aloud at the meeting. The reading of those comments begin at the 0:55 mark of the meeting and can be viewed at this direct link:

Any public comments submitted prior to the start of the meeting at 7:30 pm on Thursday, December 17, 2020, are available in full and can be read by visiting

Categorized summary of public comments submitted via Email:

  • Encouraging the Board to vote "yes" for an adaptive pause. (45)
  • Encouraging the Board to vote "no" for an adaptive pause. (91)
  • The primary source for the spread of COVID-19 is indoor, dry, and stagnant air. (1)
  • Actions speak louder than words. (12)
  • Let our students be in-person. (5)
  • Allow students with special needs to be in-person. (1)
  • Do what is best for kids. (1)
  • Disappointed in lack of civility at Board meetings from all sides. (1)
  • The hybrid model has been a good compromise and provided the most to students during this time compared to other area districts. (1)
  • People should apologize for negative comments. (2)
  • Let parents make a selection from January through March and again after March. (10)
  • Hybrid is working and should continue to be a choice moving forward. (6)
  • Board members and staff should model the social distancing they're advocating for. (2)

  • Concerned about the physical and mental health of students and staff who are in our buildings. (1)

  • Our education system will implode if the Board doesn’t take action to ensure the safety of teachers, staff, and children. (1)

  • Staff deserve to be congratulated as they’re providing a high level of education in the face of many obstacles. (1)

  • Adopt the metrics plan with 5 of 6 critical categories. (1)

  • Let parents know how many would be in a classroom so they can choose in person or remote. (1)

  • Let parents know if a COVID-19 case is in their child’s classroom. (3)

  • Petition stating that the metrics the Board uses should mirror the CCDPH, IDPH and ISBE. Submitter states it has 563 signatures. (1)

  • Vote "no" on Motion 1 and "no" on Motion 2. (2)

  • Integrate specific actions to eliminate racial injustice into the Strategic Plan. (7)

  • I hope Board members read each comment before the meeting so their votes represent the community. (1)

  • Please tell us the plan moving forward. (1)

  • ATA asks the Board to make responsible decisions and keep all safe; teachers will continue to work their hardest to ensure students are learning. (1)

  • Vote "no" on Motion 1 because the Board should follow the health department recommendations. (1)

  • Please provide the additional costs incurred by keeping schools open. (1)

  • Keep students with special needs in school. (1)

  • Petition to vote "no" for adaptive pause, with the submitter stating there were 353 signatures and that 820 signatures were submitted in total this year. (1)

  • We are in the middle of a mental health crisis for our children. (1)

  • We are dabbling in an extreme position again by ditching hybrid and forcing us to choose full in-person or remote. This is not following the safety priorities. (1)

  • Letter submitted by a group of 5 medical professionals who are also parents. The letter asked the District to open schools to full-time in-person learning for parents who want it. It is safe because we use the mitigation strategies. (1)

  • Board should stand up for what is right. Call out bad behavior and make decisions based on evidence. (1)

  • Give a choice for students. (1)

  • It is hypocritical to use a CDC comment to keep schools open, but only hyper-local school specific cases to consider a pause. (1)

  • Keep in touch with students’ families and friends infected by COVID-19 so we know exactly how much damage is done by decisions of the Board. (1)

  • Allow teachers who need to teach from home to do so as our students deserve this consistency with our educators. (1)


superintendent report

INFORMATIONAL ITEM: Transitional Model of Reopening Update

A PDF of Dr. Bein's presentation can be seen by clicking here and to watch Dr. Bein's presentation, click here.

Superintendent, Dr. Lori Bein, updated the Board on the Transitional Model of Reopening. The following topics were covered in this presentation:
  • Social Emotional Learning supports
  • Illinois Elementary School Association update
  • Step 4 schedule
  • Action steps to complete
  • Metrics

Please note that the Board chose not to move on two of the motions on the agenda. The details of those decisions can be found below:


That the Board of Education adopt and implement the related metrics scorecard starting on January 19, 2021 to identify when the district/school(s) would need to return to a remote learning model. If 5 of the 6 following critical guidelines are in the “Significant Concern” category the school/district will return to full remote.

The Board members discussed this item extensively, giving Dr. Bein feedback on the metrics proposed. The Board asked Dr. Bein to use their feedback and finalize the metrics to be voted on at the Special Board Meeting on January 7, 2021 7:30 pm.

To watch the discussion on the metrics, click here: 12/17 Metrics Discussion.


That District 25 move into a full remote, e-learning, model until January 19th 2021.

The Board decided not to move on this motion based on additional information provided after the Board decided to put this proposed motion on the agenda. The majority of the Board is not ready to take action on this agenda item.

To watch the Board decide to not move on this motion, click here: 12/17 Full-Remote Discussion.


School Board Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 7th 2021 at 7:30pm

1200 South Dunton Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL

The January 7th meeting will be held at the Dunton Administration Building and community members may view the meeting via the YouTube link that will be posted here:

Anyone who has a public comment is welcome to submit their comment using the NEW process by filling out the public comments Google Form.

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