They are everywhere

Telephone, advertisments, E-mail. Its everywhere

Scammers use telephone, Ads, and E-mails to use fake prizes, low prices for travel, charity causes, fake business improvements and more to pull you in. They rush you and push you to give credit card numbers. Social Security Numbers, and more. Scammers target people who are in debt or the ones who are money. Mostly younger people. Its believable because its full of lies like low interest rates, great deals on vacations, bills that sound real but aren't and more. The Average person may fall for it if they don't think it through. It is usually to good to be true. This relies on greed to get the "deal" before others or excitement that you were one of the 100 out of the world picked for a free 100 dollar gift card to sears or name brand stores.

How to Stop Scams

Monday, May 9th, 11:45am to Wednesday, May 11th, 2:15pm


How to keep you safe from scams

Scams hurt

The people who fall into there trap will be economically hurt in there money and credit. This effects the economy of the country because it puts more people in debt and the country in more debt. Scams rely on people to feel good about getting this deal to get them happy to listen and give there info to soon realize they got scmammed.