Counselor Newsletter

J. Hunter, Professional School Counselor

Back to School- Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

It's time! Time to try on the new shoes, break in the new backpack, meet the new bus driver and find out who is in your new class!! The beginning of a school year is all about newness. Even though you may be returning to the same school, it's hard to not get excited about all the new experiences you will encounter during the new school year. Embrace these moments and enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow and make the most of this new day! And as always if you need anything, see your counselor!

How Do You Get Home?

Bus? Day Care? Walker? Car Rider? Whatever way your child gets home, it's important that they know all the expectations that go along it. Remember safety first! Make sure your child knows parent phone numbers and who their emergency contacts are. Students should be able to recognize their parents' cars, bus stops and daycare buses.

Students, make sure you know all the rules surrounding your modes of transportation. Don't talk to strangers when you are away from home and your safe adults.

Parents, whenever there is a change in your child's mode of transportation, make sure you write a note to the child's teacher to inform them of the change. Include dates and ways to contact you if necessary.

The faculty and staff here at Cordova Elementary School want to make sure that students have a safe and positive experience both in school and in transition.

Parent Tidbits

Many parents completed the "Needs Assessment" for the Counselor (that's me!) during registration or at Back to School Night. Thank-you! If you didn't get that opportunity, here is your chance! Just click on the link below and answer a few simple questions to help me guide my counseling program! Also this year we will have a Career Day! On the needs assessment there is a line to provide information if you or someone you know may want to volunteer on that day!!! Here is the link:

What Does My Counselor Do?


Classroom Guidance Lessons
-Character Education, Friendship, Goal Setting, Test Taking Skills, etc.
Group Counseling
-Organization, Family Changes, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, etc.
Individual Counseling
-Behavior Contracts, Transitions, Academic Counseling, Personal Situations, etc.
Organize special programs
-Red Ribbon Week, Career Day, etc

And a TON of other stuff!!!!!

KIDS CORNER- WUZZLES!! (see answers below)

Big image

The C.U.B.S Rules!!!

We structured our school rules in a more memorable way by adding an acronym! Same rules, easier format! So students, here is an easy way to remember what we expect from all Cordova students:
Consider Others
Use Good Manners
Be Responsible
Show Respect


Wuzzle Answers

1. Falling Temperature
2. Two Under Par
3. Fat Chance
4. Broken Heart
5. Hot Under the Collar
6. Head in the Sand