John's Random Thoughts 5/7/16

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We all know there is an issue ... that sooner or later RBMC will have to address.

What do we do about the "places" NOT built to "our rules". I don't even know what those "rules" are but do know there MUST BE TWO sets of rules.

  1. One if you own within the "flood plain".
  2. Two if you own "on top" ... NOT in the "flood plain".

I like "Tiny Homes".

Something that a do-it-yourselfer can tackle. And hey, ... RULES??? I haven't seen a rule yet if you put wheels UNDER a tiny home (that goes for River Bend A/E, County, State, Federal).

Providing two links.

  • A possible money making selling point for RBMC.
  • Another if you want to look at and say ... "I can do that".

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