Welcome to the Class!

Spanish 3-Sem 1

Bienvenidos a Week 1!

Bienvenidos a esta clase! Welcome to this class in Spanish 3 Semester 1! The first thing you should do is check out the Course Home page. This is the first page you see when you enter an IVS course. To the right is my contact information and in the middle the important News Items for the course. This is where important information is posted (elluminate access, unit summaries, etc.). So always check to see if there is a new news item! This is your first step to success in an online class. Be especially aware of the pacing schedule for this course.

Spanish 3 Semester 1 builds on what you learned in Spanish 2. The course consists of five Units, divided into three sections each. There are a few key strategies to succeed in this course.

  • First, always do the assignments in order; don’t jump around because one item often depends on the one that went before it.
  • Second, go over your assignments several times before submitting, as you are only allowed one submission, and once the one-week grace period is over you must have a serious reason to be allowed to submit late (you are allowed a one-week grace period for assignments and tests but not discussions).
  • Third, read over the IVS Guidelines that follow this announcement. These are general guidelines for all IVS Spanish language courses. If you get stuck on one assignment, it is acceptable to work on another within the same unit until you can get more help.
  • Help is provided online through the links you see on the Home Page (StudySpanish.com is particularly useful); Elluminate access allows for one-on-one help as needed.

So, welcome aboard and see you the first discussions! Bienvenidos otra vez!