College Applications Update 1

What Seniors Are Up To...(and What's Coming, Junior Parents)

What We've Been Working On

Jen b is working with each senior group (there are two this year) two days per week, and Halo is working with each group two days per week as well.

In Halo’s section:

  • All students created resumes—essentially this forces kids to put the info they need to gather for applications (work experience, awards, extra-curriculars) all in one place so that it’s ready no matter what application they end up using.
  • Finalizing college application lists--defining which schools are best matches
  • Exploring majors and career pathways

In Jen b's section:

  • All students have prepared a Letter of Recommendation Request (anyone applying to private schools or applying for scholarships will need letters of rec and they need to be solicited soon)
  • Have discussed personal statements at length and have done some personal reflection about what would be good topics for them personally to write about (see embedded video at bottom for some info seniors received on this).

All students are actively beginning their online applications in class this week, though applications can't be submitted until November. All seniors will complete two applications as a class assignment--regardless of their application status for this year. They also must complete two personal statements as class assignments--these assignment templates are already in their CCR II Assignment folder.

Students have A LOT of resources to help them through this process, and I'll be continuing to add more as files in their CCR View Folder. In the meantime, in case the below links aren't enough exploration, here's a quick-list of many useful sites I've posted for the kids.

Where Our Seniors Are Applying

  • 65% plan on applying to to private or out-of-state colleges
  • 67% plan on applying to a UC
  • 41% plan on applying to a CSU

Calling All Parents!

We are looking for parents (11th or 12th) who are willing to act as "admissions readers" for our seniors. No experience is necessary--I will provide guidance in what to look for. Essentially, you're trying to give a student some objective feedback about whether or not their personal statements convey enough about themselves to a complete stranger. Volunteers will be randomly matched with a student (not your own) and that student will share a folder with you via email. Inside that folder should be;

1. Letter to the reader (you) with questions they would like you to address
2. A copy of the student's transcript
3. A copy of the student's resume (which includes activities, work, volunteering)
4. Two personal statements

You will give feedback and ask questions and make suggestions within the personal statement documents and they will be able to see and/or respond to your comments. Emphasis is on content and ideas rather than grammar and spelling.

Ready to volunteer? Use the sign-up form below (scroll down to complete). Those who sign-up will be contacted with further instructions in early October.
Applying to UC: The Personal Statement 2007