Hip-Hop High School

by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Hip Hop High School Book Review

We are back in high school and things get serious. Really serious! You want to make your time at high school the best that it could be, but with other stuff going on, you really do not know what to do. Which is more important: your future or someone else's?
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Can you try to work on grades at school while trying to deal with someone else's problems? Not everyone can do that. Except for Theresa Anderson. She is a high school student who lives in California. She was the smartest girl in all of her classes. Some think she has a good thing going on but she doesn't. There is drama on top of drama in that school and in her area. Her friend becomes pregnant(Cee Saw/ Constancy Sawyer) and Theresa feels bad but selfish at the same time. Unlike her other friends, she is single and kind of has a crush on this guy( Devon Hampton). It is really hard for them to be together because of their ways but she keeps trying anyway. They don't get close until the guy she likes gets shot. She literally loses her mind and doesn't know what to do from that moment forward until she sees him again and he is okay but he can not walk for a while. Even though she was happy for him, she was wondering about her best friend, Cee Saw. Theresa wanted to be there for her but she had to do applications of the colleges and SAT's for her and Devon. She felt really bad about it but was pleased to find out that everything was fine with her friend along with moving prom and the graduation for Devon as well. Everything that has happened to Theresa was an interesting life experience for her, but was it really what she wanted or something that was unexpected?
Hip Hop High School by Alan Lawrence Sitomer