Gender and Identity

Exploration of a Young latino male


I am a young adult who believes that he can succeed in life with capable of doing things. I always want to take charge in the things i do and alwasy want to exceed to my abilities. Although others might say and think different of me i know what i am capable of and what i am able to accomplish in my life. I know i am important and that others care about so that is why i need to succeed and do my best to help others. Malvolio is a wise man who thinks he is he is the best. He always wants to be the best and always tries to take charge. He beleives that everyone despises him. But he knows what he is capable and will never back down. "Yes, and shall do till the pangs of death shake him. Infirmity, that decays the wise, doth ever make the better fool" (I.v.67-69) pg 4


Becasue of my gender i have many positives but not so many negatives. Overall men are allowed to do many things in the world. Men are perseived to be strong and are suppose to be the head man of the house. The controller and the accepter who is responsible for everything in their life. Th fact that malvolio is a male he is to take most of the responsibility. Males are suppose take charge and be strongest and wisest than others. The benefits are that they are treated with respect as in men would treat them. But he downside is since males have more responsibility they are in charge of many other things than the others in the house.


Other see Malvolio as a snotty self fonded and goody male. They may believe he is always selfish and that he always thinks that everything is about himself. However they do not see how wise and smart he is. He takes demand and charge if anything is wrong in the house since he is a servent. Its very different on how he see's himself becasue he thinks he is the best and better than everyone but others may not believe or think that. "God comfort thee! Why dost thou smile so, and kiss thy hand so oft" (III.iv.29-30) pg.2

Similaritis and Differences

The things me and my character Malvolio is that we believe we are very wise. We both want to be almost better than everyone and be smart and take charge in out own thoughts and things.

The differences that me and Malvolio have is that he is to self centered. He always thinks of himself and is fond of no one else. He also only worries about himself and will not help others unless he bargains with them.