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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

"Stop being anxious!" That was the imperative from Paul to the church at Philippi. It is the directive in our lives as well. When we surrender all our worries to God through prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving, we are given the promise of guards stationed by our minds and hearts.

Make the choice today to turn over the negative and anxious thoughts. Then replace those with whatever is good, lovely, wholesome, pure, etc. Dwell on those things - not in denial of the negative, but in acknowledgement that God is able to turn it around.

RE: Focus

From Fasting to Sharing, the Focus Continues

How can we move from the January focus of fasting to the February focus of sharing love? This is actually an easier transition than you might think.

For those who fasted food - consider those who are consistently lacking in food. Imagine how it must feel to be food insecure. You chose that state, but many have no choice.

*Donate or volunteer:, or

Or perhaps you fasted a meal or type of food. Share with someone you love: or

If you fasted social media - you felt that lack of connection. Being away from your phone may have caused some anxiety or revealed an unhealthy attachment you have to your device. Make a real connection to those who are lonely.

*Write a letter/send a care package: for military and first responders, for senior adults

These are just a few simple ways to share the love of Christ.

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