From Flabby to Fit!

The full body muscle strength and endurance training DVD

Laying the Foundations

Through our DVD series led by trained professionals, you will gain muscle strength by gradually increasing your 1 rep max and muscle endurance by gradually increasing the number of reps you can complete in a given period of time, all through the use of exercises that target specific muscle groups.
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The Program

Strength Program:

  • Heavy resistance
  • 3 sets, 8 reps

Endurance Program:

  • Light resistance
  • 3 sets, 15 reps

And the best part is... Only 3 workouts per week!

The official muscle training program of the US Women's National Team.

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This program works through various types of motion, making each workout a surprise!

These workouts utilize three different, effective, types of muscle contractions:

  1. Static Contraction: Exercises in which the muscle length remains constant.
  2. Concentric Contraction: Positive contractions, in which the muscle length decreases (this occurs in the muscle contraction phase of a bicep curl).
  3. Eccentric Contraction: Negative contractions, in which the muscle length increases (this occurs in the muscle extension phase of a bicep curl).

In addition, the program incorporates three different ranges of motion:

  1. Isotonic Training: Usage of free weights to gradually increase muscle strength, or the one rep max. This is the most common type of training utilized in this program.
  2. Isometric Training: The joint angle remains constant through the motion.
  3. Isokinetic Training: An exercise machine is used to fluctuate resistance at a constant speed.

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Recently Injured? No problem!

If you recently suffered from a sports related injury, it is likely that you are experiencing muscle atrophy, in which the mass of your skeletal muscle tissue decreases due to inactivity. Our goal with you is to help you move from atrophy to hypertrophy, in which your muscles are in a state of increased mass after strength training.

To our athletes:

For the cyclists:

Endurance athletes should utilize our program to maximize their development of slow twitch muscle fibers, which do not necessarily function for speed, but instead for an extended period of time.

For the sprinters:

Speed athletes should utilize our program to maximize their development of fast twitch muscle fibers, which are made to be strong so that muscles can exert maximum force for a short period of time, allowing the athlete's muscles to function at very high speeds.

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