Please Stop Laughing at Me...

[by Jodee Blanco] this was done by James B

Jodee blanco the author

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This book is about a girl named Jodee who is being bullied. She starts to be bullied in elementary school.The bullying doesn't stop even through high school.The past haunts her so much that when she goes to her high reunion she almost didn’t go to the reunion. Friends seem to turn and at one point she decided to murder all the bullies but her parents got in way and stop her. The bullying got worse and worse every new school year started. She then went to an island called santorini and they stayed there and had a good time."i didn't know what was worse,the physical or emotional agony" page 117

Character Analysis

The main character is a girl named jodee. She has a talent with writing and being a public speaker.Her family has various traits bit all love each other and care for each other. "My great aunt Evie, My grandmother's sister and my god mother, was watching me that morning." 20


The Conflict(s) are Person vs self and Person vs Person. Person by person is easily explained because bulling needs a person to start and spread the word or post etc...

according to the author, the resolution was her writing the story."this book started as my attempt to achieve closure by turning...Jodee Blanco V -VI


The main theme was Bullying .

But another theme was stand your ground

You can survive as long as you stand your ground

Textual Evidence

"i didn't know what was worse,the physical or emotional agony" page 117 this is my wake up moment when i released that bullying effect two things not one. this is also my favorite quote becaause bullying damages two things physically and mentally

Book Review

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.the main reason i didn't give it a perfect score was i felt it did drag along in some places or went to fast in some places.i did think though the author hit her point though.

good resources for bullying


the national suicide hotline: 1-800-suicide

Bullying is Real at Leon High School-Bullying Awareness Week

Bullying is real

this video tells about bullying in Leon High school. this for jodee was where most of the bullying took place in high school.
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above contains an image of bullying

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