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Monthly Events Of Wildcats: NOVEMBER 2020

Principals Message

Hello Wildcat families,

As we are progressing through the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, it is with out saying that we are stretching our minds and abilities. Our teachers are providing instruction in two different environments while our students also learn to navigate through a more digitized world. I am very proud of the hard work for all members of TEWMS. There have been frustrations that we have worked through together to ensure that your student(s) are getting the support they need to be successful. Our School Counselors have a page on our school web site that has resources available to families.

I appreciate our Wildcat community for taking the appropriate pre-cautions and communicating with us regarding student illness. I ask that all families continue to monitor your student(s) wellbeing by using the student self-screener. In addition, families who are in need can sign up for Free/Reduced school meals by visiting the Pasco County FNS page.

With the second semester on the horizon, it is important that you are aware of the following:

IF a family would like to change their learning option for second semester (January 2020 - May 2020), a request needs to be received by November 13th. To make a change request, please call 813-794-0200 so that we submit your request. This date is being provided to families to allow TEWMS to adjust our school wide schedule for the second semester.


Let us know how a Wildcat has made a difference for you! Give them a shout out here.

Assist, Believe & Care program @ TEWMS

If your family needs support or any needs from the TEWMS ABC program, please fill out the following form. If you would like more information about the ABC program please click on the link for the flyer. You may also reach out to Ms. Foti at or 813-794-0200.

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TEWMS Thespians

This month a group of theatre student’s in Mr. Grosso’s classes joined and competed in the International Thespian Society’s District Festival. Events in this competition included large group musical, monologue, duet acting, costume design, and more! Our thespians all rehearsed and executed their individual events virtually this year which presented new, exciting and challenging hurdles to take on. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter where we will find out how they did and who is headed to state competition. We are so proud of their work and of all of our Wildcats here at Weightman!

Expectations for mySchool Online Wildcats

We understand that this year has been very trying on all parties involved. It has required more patience, grit, and resilience than many of us every thought possible. Online learning is very new for many of our families and with that we wanted to reiterate some expectations of our mySchool Online Wildcats, as well as to provide possible strategies that may be helpful for caregivers at home.

Students, you are expected to sign into your classes on time. When you sign in late you are missing valuable information and instruction. You are also expected to be in a quiet space that will allow you to participate and be fully engaged in your classes. Make sure that you fully understand your teachers’ requirements for turning in assignments. If there is something about the submission process that you do not understand or any reason that you cannot submit your work, please reach out to your teachers so that they can help you. When you are working on an assignment it is very important that you reach out if you have questions as well. For zoom, you need to have your camera on and respond to your teachers either via the chat or your mic. You will also need to be keeping track of your assignments and due dates. This can be done through virtual calendars via your device or myLearning. You may also get a school planner to keep track of your assignments on paper.

Parents, to best support your student please consider the following strategies. Create a myStudent and a myLearning account. This will allow you to see everything your student sees and to have full access to their gradebook and assignments. Encourage your student to attend class on time and to be fully engaged. Use the myStudent platform to track their attendance daily. Remind your student of the importance of adhering to deadlines and the impact that missing work will have on their grade and ultimately, their learning. Discuss with your student what they did in school daily, have specific questions about classes and assignments. Many times, students struggle with questions such as “How was school today?” and “Did you finish all of your work?” Specific questions by course will allow you to have a clear picture of how your student is doing in school and of their understanding of the material. If in your discussion you notice anything your student may be struggling with, please reach out to their teachers.We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the school wide expectations of mySchool Online Wildcats.

Wildcats are expected to be ready to learn:

  • Sitting up and have a space to work
  • Zoom account is your student name
  • Video feed must be on the entire time, unless otherwise directed by the teachers
  • Follow school dress code (see below)
  • Be present and participate in class

The county has collected helpful information here. In addition, we have develop a system for teachers to keep up myStudent grades. The following schedule has been designed to assist families with know when/what assignments and grades are updated from myLearning to myStudent.

  • Monday: Electives
  • Tuesday: Language Arts
  • Wednesday: Science
  • Thursday: Math
  • Friday: Social Studies

If you do not have a parent observer account in myLearning it is HIGHLY suggested that you create one. This is where you see and monitor the learning and assignments that students are working through.

BULLY PREVENTION WEEK 11/9/20-11/13/20

BULLY PREVENTION WEEK 11/9/20-11/13/20

Dress Up Theme Days:

Monday- Wear orange for unity

Tuesday- Dare to dream of a bully free world (PJ day)

Wednesday- Team up against drugs (college/sports team shirt or jersey)

Thursday - Color the world with kindness (bright or neon colors)

Friday - We are all on the same team (Wildcat clothing/colors)

Students who dress according to the theme of the day will receive a piece of candy at lunch. Online students will earn 1 extra point on an assignment in their ELA class if they participate in the daily theme.

Bullying prevention/awareness videos will be shown after morning news on M, W, F.

Student congress will assist with creation of posters to decorate campus.

2020-2021 TEWMS Yearbooks are now on sale

The 20-21 TEWMS yearbooks is available for purchase through the Rycor system. Families can logon to their parent portal in myStudent, go to Pay Fees and order one until January 30, 2021. They are only sold by pre-ordering them. Yearbooks are passed out to students the last few days of the school year. This is what the button looks like:

Pasco Pathways

Pasco County Schools will host two virtual expo-style events to showcase the choices and innovative programs in our county for the 21-22 school year on November 19th for east side schools. Each expo event will take place from 5-8 p.m. Please use these flyers and the Pasco Pathways Expo website to advertise these opportunities with families. In addition, the Pasco Pathways Catalog is place to showcase many of the options in our county. We have updated the district website to have all information in one place regarding the options available as well as information about the 21-22 application window.


Thank you to the families who came out to our Main Event Spirit Night. It was so great to see everyone. This month, we partnered with the Outreach Team at Life Church and set up snacks and coffee in the teacher's lounge.

We hope that you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

PTSA Open Membership is available at:

Memberships are a great way to support your school and be informed on volunteer opportunities that may be available during the school year. Please be sure to take a moment and like our Facebook page at

If you are interested in being part of or partner with the PTSA, please email us at

Custodian Appreciation @ TEWMS & Highlights from Ms. Eyer's class

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Curbside Meal Pick-Up @ TEWMS: Fridays 9-9:30am

WHO: Pasco County Schools will be offering curbside meal pick up to children not attending school brick and mortar. At this time, meals will be FREE for all children per the most recent USDA school nutrition meal program waivers. The menu and nutrition information can be reviewed here: Curbside Menu.

WHERE: @ TEWMS, meals are served in the carline at the front of the school Meals will be served curbside in a drive-thru style (Do not get out of your car).

WHEN: @ TEWMS, pickup is 9-9:30am. Pick up times do vary by location and can be found HERE.

HOW: In order to serve you better, a MEAL RESERVATION FORM should be filled out weekly.

Additional information can be found here:

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Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 3: Football games vs. PVMS @ LOLHS, 6:30pm
  • Nov 6: Picture Make-up Day
  • Nov 9-13: Bully Prevention Week
  • Nov 9: Girls Basket Ball @ JLMS, 6pm
  • Nov 10: Boys Soccer vs. JLMS @WRHS, 6pm
  • Nov 11: Girls Basket Ball @ TEWMS vs. CCMS, 6pm
  • Nov 12: Boys Soccer @ TEWMS vs. PMS, 6pm
  • Nov 13: Last day to change learning option for 2nd quarter
  • Nov 13: Progress Reports are posted via myStudent
  • Nov 16 Girls Basket Ball @ PVMS, 6pm
  • Nov 17: Boys Soccer @ TEWMS vs. RBSMS, 6pm
  • Nov 18: Girls Basket Ball @ TEWMS vs. CSRMS, 6pm
  • Nov 18: Boys Soccer @ TEWMS vs. CNMS, 6pm
  • Nov 23-17: Thanksgiving Break, No School
  • Dec 1: Boys Soccer vs. PVMS @ LOLHS, 6pm
  • Dec 2: Girls Basket Ball @ CNMS, 6pm
  • Dec 7: Girls Basket Ball @ TEWMS vs. RBSMS, 6pm
  • Dec 9: Girls Basket Ball @ PMS, 6pm
  • Dec 10: SAC Meeting via Zoom @ 9am
  • Dec 10: Boys Soccer @ TEWMS vs. CSRMS, 6pm
  • Dec 14: Girls Basket Ball @ TEWMS vs. JLMS, 6pm
  • Dec 17: Quarter 2 Student Celebration @ SH in Cafeteria/Zoom
  • Dec 21- Jan 4: Winter Break, No School
  • Jan 5: Teacher Planning day, No School