Ms. Cargyle's Winter Break

Where I Went

For Winter Break I went to Florida. We went to several different spots, but my favorite ones were Key West and Boynton Beach.

What I Did

I got to do lots of fun things. My favorite things were getting to go to the beach and the pool, eating lots of seafood, and spending time with friends.

I loved visiting my favorite spots in Key West. It was a lot of fun discovering new places too.

I got to spend Christmas in Key West, and even though the weather was kind of cloudy and rainy that day, I'm glad I was where it was warm, instead of snowy and cold!

I had never tried Stone Crabs before, and this is how they catch them. Don't worry though, they throw them back afterwards and the crabs are good to go!

How to Harvest a Stone Crab Claw