VCR Presentation 6

Massiel Islas

Select the most appropriate word from Lesson 6 to fill in the blank

The first three steps of the scientific method are to ask a question, to do some background research, and then to construct a ___________.
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1.- A theory or explanation that leads to further investigation for proof or disproof

2.- An assumption on which a conclusion or decision is based


Greek hupo (under) + Greek thesis (placing)

Greek hupothesis (foundation)

Late latin hypothesis

Other forms of the word

Hypothesize (v.) to put something forward as a hypothesis

Hypothetical (adj.) supposed but not necessarily real or true

Hypothesis VS Theory VS Law

Hypothesis: proposed explanation. Can't prove a hypothesis, you can only support it.

Theory: a very thorough, well supported explanation aquired through the scientific method. Repeatedly tested and confirmed.

Law: detailed description of a phenomenon usually involving math.

Example of Gravity

Hypothesis: If I throw an apple, there's some kind of force that will make it to hit the floor.

Law of gravity: Fnet = m • a (does not tell us why)

Theory of gravity: Einstein's theory of general relativity

Choose the sentence in which the word is used incorrectly

1.- It is said that a good scientist will always hypothesize about why things work the way they do.

2.- After several tests that supported his hypothesis, it was finally proven.

3.- If I were going to miss next class, hypothetically, how long would the make-up assignment be?

4.- Regardless of how many times she runs the experiment, I don't think she will ever get a result that supports her hypothesis.

Sentence 2