World War 1

Christy, Kenny, Ryan and Richard


  • Chateau-Thierry: one of the first actions of American Expeditionary Forces under John J. "Black Jack" Pershing
  • Belleau Wood: US Marines took Belleau Wood from German forces. One of the bloodiest battles for Americans in the war.
  • Saint Mihiel: marked the first time Americans used terms "D-Day" and "H-Hour". Pershing's men caught German forces retreating and delivered a huge blow to the Central Powers. Increased stature in the eyes of the British and French.

New War Technology

  • Tanks: designed to end trench warfare and cross trenches. Terrified troops but still needed improvements.
  • Air Warfare: changed the way war was fought. Armies could now bomb with precision and speed. Arial attacks were now possible.
  • The Vickers Machine Gun: first standard issue machine gun for the British Army.

The Fighting

Life on The Homefront

Shows Americans soldiers fighting for the safety of the people in America, so in return Americans should send them as much food as possible.

More Propaganda

This photo shows American women should take care of the family life, this was very important and was viewed as a key to success for the Americans

Spanish Influenza

Killed nearly 20-40 million people worldwide, and is known as one of the most devastating epidemics of all time. Affected 28% of Americans and reduced the life span by 10 years. 670,000 Americans died from the three waves of the Spanish Flu.

American Influence on World War 1

Started as a neutral country, trading with both the Allied and Central powers, but a British blockade caused Americans to only trade with the Allies. When the US was forced to enter the war, they reinforced the strength of the Allied Powers which lead to the Allies' victory in the war.